H Potter brand metal round garden trellis used as wall art outdoor with plants

Designing with a Metal Garden Trellis

If we love one thing, it’s knowing that every day around the country there are countless homeowners and gardeners who are putting our high-quality decorative and functional fixtures to work around their homes.

Creativity is the only thing that limits you. When you have a vision, it’s up to you to pull it off. Luckily, our unique items for your home and garden make it a lot easier.

Here are some great ideas for decorating your garden with a  metal garden trellis and putting it to great use!

●Create a living wall: one of the coolest things you can do with a metal garden trellis is to create a “living” wall with one. Who needs (or wants) a fence or a hedgerow when you can make your own and put your own personal slant on it. While there are many plants that can be used for this, ivy comes to mind. Over the course of a few fertile growing seasons, you can train ivy up a garden trellis and make a stunning green “wall.” Place several trellises near each other or arrange them artfully for a different effect. You can also use trellises and ivy to create a wall around a patio or a hot tub for extra privacy and class.

●Grow climbing flowers for extra color: Looking for a unique way to add color and personality to your garden or your outdoor living space. While creeping flowers are beautiful, climbing vines and flowers have a much more pronounced effect on the setting. Try your hand at popular cultivars of climbing roses, morning glories, or even Clematis or sweet peas and you’ll be dazzled by the result. Your garden will be alive with cascades of color and when it rains you’ll enjoy a gentle perfume. A brightly blooming garden or wall trellis could be the focal point of your outdoor spaces.

●Train vining vegetables and other climbing plants for more space on the ground: A metal garden trellis is also a great tool for training vining vegetables so you can enjoy more room in your garden. It’s not just all about clearing the ground for growing other vegetables, though. Many plants will only thrive when they are given space to grow vertically. For example, peas, beans, and some tomatoes will do best when offered the support of a trellis or other structure. In fact, if you don’t provide it, they will continually reach for the sky. One note here: if you try this, make sure you provide ground cover around the base of the trellis to protect the roots of the plant. Building a vertical garden with an iron trellis has never been easier.

●Decorate it with ornaments and baubles: Not all design ideas for a metal trellis have to do with growing, although trellises are tops for that. You can also decorate your metal trellis with other baubles, ornaments, and other items of interest. You can hang little decorations like seasonal ornaments and signs, set them up with ribbons or garlands, and much more. Creativity is the only limit, remember!

●Accessorize with lights: On that note, you can also accessorize a garden trellis with lights. During the day, it will serve as a bare, austere monument, but at night it will add depth and character to your outdoor spaces. Oftentimes people that use trellises as support for string or rope lights place them around garden paths and outdoor living spaces to serve as an accent light or even as an “outdoor night light.”

●Add extras: Even once you’re done decorating the metal garden trellis itself, the job isn’t over. Think about what you want to place around the trellis and how you want to complete your look. You can add complementary greenery to the base of the trellis or even clear and mulch the setting for a cleaner look. Add bits of driftwood or decorative stone and your outdoor masterpiece is complete!

Quality Matters

Here at H Potter, quality matters as much to us as unique design ideas do. In all of our collections of garden trellises, obelisk trellises, and wall trellises you’ll uncover a commitment to the highest level of quality in construction and design that there is.

Our metal trellises are handmade using extremely tough, durable wrought iron, which is extremely strong. As they are intended to be placed in the elements, many of them come with a hand-rubbed powder coated finish so that they can better stand up to the elements.

Add in the fact that our unique designs can be found nowhere else and you have a collection that’s positioned to impress!

For those of you that come up with questions while you’re looking through our collections of unique designs for the home, including these trellises along with unique outdoorside tables, tabletop patio torches, garden planters, and much more, you can reach our customer service team for help!

Please feel free to contact us at 208-640-4206 any time you need some additional assistance. We’re always willing to help; let us know what your vision is for your home and we’ll help you get there!

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