H Potter brand metal garden trellis screen with grid pattern outdoor landscape architectural structure next to greenhouse

Metal Trellis Decor Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Looking for a certain something to add extra character to your outdoor living spaces but not quite sure what your design could use? Consider a metal trellis from our online collection - you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the versatility.

Before you assume garden trellises are reserved only for those among us with green thumbs, pause for a moment. Yes, trellises are great for giving climbers a place to flourish, but with a little bit of creativity and a small dash of ingenuity, you can take your outdoor decor to the next level with them as well!

Elevate Your Decor and Experience Incomparable Quality in a Metal Trellis
The garden trellises you will find here at H Potter are not solely functional, they also boast artistic design, solid construction, and superior quality.

Many of them, such as their wrought iron trellises, feature solid iron scrollwork and ornately graced by hand-rubbed finishes, our trellises are unique and durable - a great combination of qualities for priceless home decor.

That’s why you can elevate your setting so completely and effectively with one of the following ideas using a metal trellis - great throughout the year, not just for the growing season!

Light It Up!
If you entertain outdoors throughout the year, then one of the best uses for a metal trellis, especially one located near or adjacent to a patio, is as a blank slate for lighting.

Get some unique rope lights or some colored strings of LEDs and weave them throughout the ornate iron fabric of the trellis. This can be used simply as an accent, like a decorative focal point, equally effective as a measure for actual outdoor lighting.

For example, if your trellis is near your garden patio or outdoor seating, the soft, lambent light of LED string or rope lights will offer a soft glow to the living area - not overwhelming like a spotlight, instead gentler and warmer - perfect for setting the mood with just enough ambient light to generate a sense of intimacy with the cherished company.

Festoon & Garland
Another great way to decorate your metal trellises is with garlands - which can be chosen based on the effect they produce given the time of year.

Looking for a simple, straightforward way to add color and movement to a garden trellis? Just choose some colorful garlands and drape them over and through the design of the trellis. For an effect that will direct more attention to the scrollwork of the trellis, work the garland around the outside of the trellis’s frame.

At other times of the year, you can choose seasonal garlands to decorate your trellis, adding even more festive flair!

Seasonal Decorations!
A metal garden like a wrought iron trellis is like a blank slate on which you can arrange your seasonal decorations throughout the year. Add some orange, yellow, and red autumnal decorations at the end of summer to celebrate the passage of seasons. In the late fall, consider making your trellis your support for your Halloween decorations.

In the colder months, celebrate the holiday season with pine garlands and live, fresh greenery. You can also add glass baubles and other ornaments to your trellis, in lieu of an outdoor Christmas tree. Get creative with hangings and other ornaments and create an appeal for your metal trellis that is entirely unique to your home!

Support Climbing Plants and Flowers with a Decorative Metal Trellis
Finally, there’s the obvious value of a wrought iron garden trellis as the functional and aesthetically pleasing support structure for climbing plants.

Durable and beautiful, a metal garden trellis is an ideal structure which provides for climbing plants to grow, and it just so happens that it can also serve as a central feature of garden decor, as well.

Climbing plants need a place to grow upwards towards the sun - they won’t flourish if you force them to spread out along the ground. Not only is a heavy duty metal trellis the perfect choice of structure to sit atop your flower garden, but it’s more durable, more weather-resistant, and much longer-lasting than simpler alternatives like wooden trellises or garden arches.

The trellis itself will not only support climbing vines and other creepers, it will also keep the ground underneath relatively clear, giving runners and low-growing plants plenty of space to grow on the ground below - allowing both climbers and spreaders to cohabit in harmony.

Best of all, there are plenty of flowers and other climbers that will appreciate the support of a garden trellis, including but not limited to the following:

â—ŹClimbing roses
â—ŹMorning glories
â—ŹSweet pea
â—ŹHoneysuckles, especially trumpet honeysuckles
â—ŹMany different species of beans
â—ŹEven melons and cucumbers

One final pro tip - customize the blooms you grow on your metal trellis for color coordination with the rest of your exterior design scheme. Add bursts of color that agree with and underscore the effect of your outdoor entertainment space.

Contact Us If You Have Any Questions
Take a look through our collection of trellises, including wall trellises and garden trellises such as garden obelisks, and if you have any questions, give us a call or better yet a text at 208-640-4206 - we’d be happy to help!

Also, remember we offer free shipping on all of our trellises. If you’re interested in a wall trellis or an iron obelisk trellis for your garden, there’s no reason to delay. Spring is right around the corner!

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