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Decorative Candle Lantern Outdoor Decor Small Cast Iron Patio Candle Holder H Potter

Decorative Candle Lantern Outdoor Decor Small Cast Iron Patio Candle Holder H Potter

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  • 10"L x 10"W x 18"H


Weight: 24.0 lb

Product Description


    A Candle Lantern will not only add to the environment of your indoor or outdoor space, but can offer a touch of elegant beauty to the space. Our lanterns are designed with a heavy durable construction. This H Potter Lantern is the perfect mood setter, providing a warm and welcoming glow for summer bbqs, alfresco dining, or simply enjoying an outdoor space. The top hook of the lantern is meant to be decorative, not functional, and the lantern is NOT designed to be hung.

    H Potter's Lanterns are built using heavy cast iron while this product has a charcoal brown powder-coated finish for a classic and versatile appeal. Despite its smaller size, this lantern provides ample lighting and a dazzling experience when placed on a porch, patio, or any sturdy surface. Complete with glass hurricane which may include bubbles due to being handcrafted (candle not included) this lantern is designed to add character to any of your living spaces, the lantern top lifts off for a candle to be placed inside, and is designed for table and floor display only.

    At widest points, 10" square at roof, 9" square at base x 18" high with ring upright, this iron lantern will make a great focal point and impressive statement wherever it’s placed. The unique and heavy construction makes for a durable piece of decor in an outdoor setting, this design eliminates concerns for stability or safety. The durability of the lantern makes it the perfect gift for milestone events like weddings, or birthdays due to its long lifespan.

    This classic lantern is built to last. Whether you are using it during the night of the day, this lantern is also perfect next to the fireplace, or simply standing in the hallway, in entryways or next to plants. The classic design allows this lantern to be used with both class and contemporary home designs or decor. The lantern also has breathable top vents and hurricane glass within the iron frame to add to its longevity and ease of use. Want to read more about lanterns? Check out our blog.

    H Potter has been designing and manufacturing premium quality garden products since 1997. We do not pretend to be the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. Packaged well, with stunning craftsmanship and backed by great customer service, we’re proud to say our garden products are built to last

Does H Potter do custom work? 

Custom work is not available. Items are only available in the sizes, finishes and colors shown on our website.

Where are H Potter products made? 

H Potter items are manufactured at our partnered factory in India. Glass terrariums are handcrafted in India and China.

Does H Potter offer discounts? 

H Potter does not offer discounts, but we do offer fast, free shipping and exceptional customer service.

Can H Potter provide detailed information about warehouse deals? 

We do not have specific pictures or information regarding each individual warehouse deal item. Warehouse deals are typically customer returns or photo shoot items. We inspect items upon their return to make sure glass is not broken, items have not been used or major components are not missing, this said, items could have dents or dings, hardware may be missing, outer boxes may show wear and tear. It is not feasible to provide specific photos detailing the issues as each individual item would need its own sku identification.

Does H Potter ship outside of the United States? 

H Potter is not offering shipping outside of the lower 48 states.  Duties and shipping charges to other locations are often more expensive than the item itself.

Does H Potter offer replacement parts? 

H Potter does not keep an inventory of replacement parts. If an item arrives and a small part is damaged, please contact us for solutions.

Does H Potter offer replacement glass? 

H Potter does offer replacement glass for lanterns and torches. Please contact H Potter via text at 208-640-4206 if replacement glass items are showing out of stock. When ordering replacement glass for lanterns please note the lantern SKU for which you are requesting the replacement glass

Please use this link to purchase lantern glass.

Please use this link to purchase torch glass.

What is H Potter’s return policy? 

Customers are responsible for return shipping, here's our policy.

Materials & Care 

H Potter lanterns are created using heavy duty cast iron for ultimate durability. The lanterns are powder-coated a charcoal brown, followed with a hand-applied faux black and finished with a high grade clear-coat protective sealer. This smooth finish can be spray painted once you receive your lantern if you prefer a different color.

To add a bit of extra protection to the finish, you might choose to apply a coat or two of clear spray paint annually to the lantern. Clear spray paint can be purchased in a spray can at a hardware type store. Sometimes during transit or while the lantern is outside, small hairline cracks can occur in the finish due to the metal flexing. If you notice this has occurred, please spray the area with the same clear spray paint.

Candles are not included with your H Potter lantern. We recommend a pillar or remote control candle to provide ambient lighting.

The glass in your H Potter lantern is hand-blown so it may include a few air bubbles due to this handcrafting.

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  • At widest points, 10" square at roof, 9" square at base x 18" high with ring upright
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Decorative Candle Lantern Outdoor Decor Small Cast Iron Patio Candle Holder H Potter

Regular price $134.50
Regular price Sale price $134.50
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