Wall Trellis Ideas

Wall Trellises Trending this Season. Outdoor metal wall mounted trellises are projected as one of the hot trends in outdoor décor for upcoming season. Traditionally, trellises enhanced the beauty of your outdoor garden area, now with wall mounting brackets available from H Potter, creating a focal point along the side of the house or garden shed, patio or deck, balcony or veranda, is even easier. Boost your curb appeal by adding flowering vines to your exterior with a wall trellis, cover unattractive garage walls or out of date fencing and make your home the envy of all the neighbors.
Perfect for any size space.  Maximize your growing space with a wall-mounted trellis. Give climbing plants the potential to reach their highest heights without taking up valuable floor space and at the same time create dimension in a narrow space.  Using H Potter’s new wall mounting brackets, you can attractively create wall art with beautiful trellises to cover any size wall, with any number of trellises.  When the season is over and the plants dies back, you still have amazing wall art.
Wall Art Inspiration.  H Potter trellises can be wall art without a single plant on them.  Use our new wall brackets to add interest and character to your vertical areas. Cover unappealing outbuildings, pool house or garden sheds that lacks architectural detailing, add dimension to backyard fences or walls that could use a little sprucing up with trellises as your pieces of art.
Add Green to an Urban Space.  Make your city space feel like a garden with wall mounted trellises.  Using H Potter’s new wall brackets, you can line your outdoor terrace wall with multiple trellises and watch the vines grow or choose a trellis pattern that creates a captivating artistic venue. Instantly your space becomes an outdoor room, your rooftop a green oasis.

Considerations When Hanging a Trellis on Brick Wall*
Sometimes a brick wall needs a little greenery. H Potter now offers trellis wall mounting brackets* to make this project easier.
Things You Might Choose to Use for Installing
  • Measuring tape
  • Trellis Brackets
  • Chalk
  • Carpenter's level
  • Drill with drill bit for masonry
  • Long toggle bolts
  • Cement screws
  • Hex or Phillip-style screwdriver or screwdriver bit for drill
  • Safety goggles
Decide where you will hang the trellis and using chalk draw a line in each of the 4 spots on the brick wall where you will hang your wall mounting brackets.
You may then want to use a carpenter's level and measuring tape to draw vertical line to help in the trellis being hung straight.

Drill holes in the brick wall at the marked points.
Put the trellis wall mounting brackets up against the wall, aligning each carefully with all the holes, and insert the concrete screws.
Many climbing vines, such as wisteria, grapes or roses, exert a strong pull on the structures supporting them, so wherever you have a choice in trellis designs and fasteners, choose the strongest available product to ensure a sturdy, long-lasting framework.
Warning: Wear safety goggles when drilling in brick to prevent eye damage from flying dust and chips.

This can be a DIY project; however, hiring a professional to install the wall mounting brackets and trellis for you is also an option. 

*The hardware provided with your wall mounting brackets is not designed for use on brick