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H Potter Metal Obelisk Garden Trellis for Climbing Plants Architectural Structure GAR667

H Potter Metal Obelisk Garden Trellis for Climbing Plants Architectural Structure GAR667

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  • 21.25"L x 21.25"W x 105"H


Weight: 54.0 lb

Product Description


    H Potter's metal trellises are not only a stylish piece to add dimension and beauty to your garden, they are completely functional. As the obelisk trellis adds a decorative element of grace to your backyard, its value also rests on its architectural garden grace among your outdoor landscape. 

    Adding a iron garden obelisk trellis to your backyard is an awesome way to draw attention to your outdoor area. Sturdy and captivating for guests, family, friends or passers-by, H Potter continues to perfect the garden trellis. Curious about the history of obelisks, check out this blog post to learn more.


    Elevate your outdoor spaces with our exquisite climbing plant support obelisks, perfect for adding a touch of refined elegance to your backyard and garden. These freestanding vertical trellises serve as stunning focal points, adorned with climbing vines or flowers to create a picturesque display. Crafted from durable iron, these garden ornaments offer both depth and height, enhancing the beauty of your garden with timeless sophistication.


    • Height: 105 inches
    • Area of Base:
      • Widest Outer Length including tabs: 21.25 inches
      • Inner dimensions: 19.25 inches
    • Weight: 38.00 pounds

    Architectural landscape structures like the iron garden obelisk trellises from H Potter can be used to frame your garden on their own, or they can be purchased in multiples to create an entrance to your garden or simply increase the grandeur of this outdoor gardening space. H Potter's obelisks are durable and are capable of weathering the elements, maintaining their stately look over time. 


    A garden obelisk is the best way to add height, depth and a sturdy structure to your outdoor decor. These wrought iron garden monuments will allow the homeowner or gardener to grow plants and flowers skyward, creating unparalleled vertical garden decor for the outdoors.

    Maximize your garden space with the functional capability of an H Potter Obelisk. Capture the visual center of your garden or other outdoor space such as a patio, deck, courtyard, or terrace. 


    H Potter Obelisks are sold as a single unit. However, these trellises are often purchased in multiples to serve as larger yard art or to frame the beauty of the garden or a garden entrance. The clean lines of the iron obelisk effortlessly integrate into any garden setting or design, providing a perfect canvas for climbing plants to elegantly ascend. To learn more about garden obelisks see our blog.

    Our garden obelisk is durable and sturdy. Furthermore, they can be used to create arches or dividers in the garden so that it looks beautiful while still being organized and functional. Wrought iron is both lightweight and easy to work with so it’s perfect for creating custom designs in your backyard, no matter how much space you have!


    • Essential Landscape Element

This wonderful piece of garden architecture feature will stand the test of time by offering a solid and secure structure for your plants and garden space. H Potter's garden obelisk comes with a secure ground anchoring system (18-inch ground spikes) to support the weight of the obelisk and any plant material.

Some assembly is required. Additionally, this garden obelisk is over 30 pounds, we recommend two people for assembly due to height of the structure.

                • Powder-Coated Finish

Handcrafted iron work topped with a stately finial. The tower has a charcoal brown powder coating, then a hand-rubbed faux finish gives the wrought iron obelisk its rustic, durable appeal. You can set it as its own display, add climbing plants like roses, vines, and clematis, or even install additional obelisks to facilitate privacy.

                  • Quality Packaging and Service are the H Potter Promise

For over a quarter century, we’ve been designing and manufacturing indoor and outdoor décor products for your home and garden. With over 150 designs, including terrariums, lanterns, trellises, window boxes, planters, torches, and arbors, you’re certain to find the service you’re looking for at H Potter.


              H Potter is a family-owned business and we take extreme pride in creating distinctive home and garden accents. Many of our signature items are 100% handmade by our artisans to ensure a top-notch product.

              We put significant resources into the design, quality, function, and look of each H Potter item. using only quality materials including stainless steel, hand-blown glass, and dramatic copper. We believe our customers deserve only the best, so we don’t cut corners to save money.
              If you want to discuss more ideas for boosting your home and garden aesthetics with a garden obelisk from H Potter, then reach out to our team today.


Does H Potter do custom work? 

Custom work is not available. Items are only available in the sizes, finishes and colors shown on our website.

Where are H Potter products made? 

H Potter items are manufactured at our partnered factory in India. Glass terrariums are handcrafted in India and China.

Does H Potter offer discounts? 

H Potter does not offer discounts, but we do offer fast, free shipping and exceptional customer service.

Can H Potter provide detailed information about warehouse deals? 

We do not have specific pictures or information regarding each individual warehouse deal item.Warehouse deals are typically customer returns or photo shoot items. We inspect items upon their return to make sure glass is not broken, items have not been used or major components are not missing, this said, items could have dents or dings, hardware may be missing, outer boxes may show wear and tear. It is not feasible to provide specific photos detailing the issues as each individual item would need its own sku identification.

Does H Potter ship outside of the United States? 

H Potter is not offering shipping outside of the lower 48 states.  Duties and shipping charges to other locations are often more expensive than the item itself.

Does H Potter offer replacement parts? 

H Potter does not keep an inventory of replacement parts. If an item arrives and a small part is damaged, please contact us for solutions.

Does H Potter offer replacement glass? 

H Potter does offer replacement glass for lanterns and torches. Please contact H Potter via text at 208-640-4206 if replacement glass items are showing out of stock. When ordering replacement glass for lanterns please note the lantern SKU for which you are requesting the replacement glass

Please use this link to purchase lantern glass.

Please use this link to purchase torch glass.

What is H Potter’s return policy? 

Customers are responsible for return shipping, here's our policy.

Materials & Care 

H Potter metal trellises are created using heavy duty iron for ultimate durability. The trellises are powder-coated a charcoal brown, followed with a hand-applied faux black and finished with a high grade clear-coat protective sealer. This smooth finish can be spray painted once you receive your trellis if you prefer a different color.

To add a bit of extra protection to the finish, you might choose to apply a coat or two of clear spray paint annually to the trellis which can be purchased at a hardware type store. Sometimes during transit or while the trellis is in the ground, small hairline cracks can occur in the finish due to the metal flexing. If you notice this has occurred, please spray the area with the same clear spray paint. Please use care during assembly. If you happen to mar the finish during assembly, you should repair the area with the same clear spray paint.

H Potter trellises are all packaged with ground spikes.

Metal trellises add a touch of simple elegance to a space. Beautiful on their own and even more beautiful adorned with growing vines, a trellis makes the perfect addition to a home or garden. Our H Potter Wrought Iron Garden Obelisk Trellis can be used as a standalone trellis or purchased in pairs to frame your yard space or garden entrance. Sturdy and able to withstand outdoor conditions, these trellises will stand the test of time and look beautiful while doing it.


Measurements other images
  • The trellis dimensions 105" high by 21.25 inches wide from outer tab to outer tab. Inner width of trellis is 19.25 inches square.


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H Potter Metal Obelisk Garden Trellis for Climbing Plants Architectural Structure GAR667

Regular price $296.50
Regular price Sale price $296.50
Sale Sold out