H Potter brand metal garden arbor archway trellis screen with grid pattern outdoor landscape architectural structure

Why Your Garden Could Benefit From A Metal Arbor Trellis


As you shop around, looking for new ways to decorate your home, garden, and patio area, you are probably looking for something that truly has an impact. You want something that stands out, but still complements the scene where it is placed. One type of garden decoration you should consider is a metal arbor trellis. An arbortrellis is a decorative element used in gardening and outdoor decorations. It is a type of trellis, so it is essentially a large framework that is meant to support the growth of climbing plants like honeysuckle and different types of ivy. These plants grow up and around the framework that is the trellis and decorate it with their lush leaves and blooming flowers. An arbortrellis fully decorated with growing vines is a beautiful sight, so it should come as no surprise that it is a popular type of decoration for home gardens.

Why You Might Want an Arbor Trellis

While looking around your garden, you may have felt that the space was missing something. The plants are coming in beautifully and everything there looks nice, but it could use something extra. If this is how you feel looking out onto your garden, then you might benefit from having a prominent design element like a metal arbor trellis. Understanding why you enjoy the look and idea of owning a metal arbor trellis can help you to identify how you want to display and feature it in your garden. If you love its grand appearance, then you may want to have it featured prominently as the star design element. If you love the way it merges form and function to support plant life, then you can give more attention to the types and amount of plants you use. Identify what you like about it the most, and use that to inspire you when setting it up in your backyard.

Decorating With Your Metal Arbor Trellis

Once you do decide on an arbor trellis, you will want to make it feel like a natural part of your garden. At this point, you will want to decide where it will go exactly, what types of plants you will wrap around it, and what role you want it to play in your garden overall. This is your opportunity to make it your own with personalized details to help it fit right into its new home.

In Full Bloom

Since trellises are most known for hosting plants, you might want to embrace that fully and cover your metal arch arbor in flowers and vines. Give the trellis a good start then let the plants grow more and more around the frame. Once it is fully coated in flowers, to the point where it appears more plant than metal, it's complete. You will want to use floral climbing plants with prominent blooms like climbing roses and clematis. Your finished arch arbor will be beautiful and seem to be more of a plant decoration than a metal one at that point.

The Garden’s Focal Point

While you can focus on the plants you grow around your arbor trellis, you may also focus on the structure itself and its place in your garden relative to everything else. Make it the highlight or focal point of your garden with all of your other plants and decor designed to work around it. This is great to do if you want to truly make your metal arbor trellis a conversation piece for you and your guests to enjoy. The more you add to your trellis, the more you may want to tone down the plantscaping around it. Coordinate the colors of flowers you grow on it with the rest of your display and watch it all come together.

How We Design Our H Potter Arbor Trellises

At H Potter, we put a great deal of care into the design and construction of everything we have to offer. For our wrought iron metal arbor trellises, we make sure that they are made to last. They are strong, sturdy, and resilient to hold up over time, giving you many years to enjoy their place in your life. By size, they are designed to fit right into your garden perfectly, being large enough to be displayed and enjoyed properly, but not so large they become overbearing. You can see the measurements for yourself on the product pages to get an idea of how our wrought iron trellises would fit in your life.

You can surely see the charm and appeal of owning a wrought iron metal arbor trellis for your home garden. They are a beautiful way to enhance your garden while accentuating the plant life you worked so hard to cultivate. Hopefully, you will find your arbor trellis fits easily into the space and becomes a new member of the home. If you would like to get some more ideas of what you can do with your trellis, be sure to check out our blog where we often provide ideas and inspiration for decorating with trellises of all shapes and sizes.

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