H Potter brand metal garden trellis screen with leaf pattern outdoor landscape architectural structure as wall art

Why Would You Want a Wall Trellis?

If you have spent a good amount of time exploring all of the possibilities for decorating your backyard or garden, then you have likely already run into garden trellises. They make a beautiful design element for decorating your property while serving a practical function at the same time. You might have been curious about this outdoor decoration and wondered how you could make that fit into your life. One type of trellis in particular that easily works with all kinds of backyards or garden situations is the wall trellis. This trellis could be just the thing you were looking for to dress up your yard and help you make your home a little closer to the vision you have for it.

What is a Wall Trellis?

This is a fair question, after all, we shouldn’t assume. A trellis is a framework, usually made of wood or metal, used to support the growth of climbing plants. A wall trellis is one shape that a trellis could come in. It is flat and meant to be displayed along the side of a wall outdoors. Trellises are used to decorate a garden with their own design and by supporting the plants as well.

Decorate the Sides of Your Home

A wall trellis is a great decorative element for beautifying not just your yard but your home as well. You can attach it to the yard-facing or side wall of your home and use it as a way to stylize your home itself. When it comes to the outside of your house, there is only so much you can do besides give it a nice coat of paint. Adding a wall trellis gives you another way to make your home more beautiful without demanding too much time or effort. You just have to make sure to install it carefully into the wall you choose. You can either bring in someone to install it for you or do it yourself if you feel confident with a drill. Not only does a wall trellis contribute to your garden by helping all of the plants growing around it, but it can add a completely new visual component to the home that you might have never thought of before.

Make the Most of Limited Space

A wall trellis is incredibly useful as a way to decorate your garden without occupying too much space. This is one reason why they are so handy to have for the average household. Not everyone has a great expanse of land for stand-alone trellises and other decorative elements. Some of us have less yard space to work with but still want to maintain a beautiful garden. There is no need to compromise or give up on the idea of having a beautiful, magazine-worthy garden space with a more modest backyard. Make your garden full of lush plants and beautiful patio decor using wall trellises to be wise about your use of space.

Since wall trellises take up effectively no space at all, resting off of the ground and only growing away from the wall a few inches to give the plants room to reach out, you get to have your cake and eat it too. You can have the trellis and flourishing plant life without giving up valuable floor space to do it. This opens up the remaining space for whatever else you may have had in mind like a seating area or a patch to grow your own produce.

Experiment With Different Types of Plants

You can also see having a wall trellis as a way to experiment and try out different types of plants than what you may be used to growing. Climbing plants are often misunderstood and treated as a nuisance to a garden. Some people will be all too quick to rip out any sign of climbing plants instead of seeing them for what they are. Climbing plants are impressive little guys that grow up and out and work with whatever they have. They will wrap themselves around anything and flourish as they do so. You can appreciate their fun traits and great variety with trellises, allowing them a place to grow and bloom around. You can grow honeysuckle and ivy or opt for more colorful plants with blooming trumpet vine or morning glory. Flower or foliage; it’s up to you.

Now that we've taken the time to consider just what a wall trellis might have to offer you, you have what you need to decide for yourself if this trellis is what's been missing in your backyard. To help you achieve your vision of a beautiful backyard garden, at H Potter we have plenty of different shapes and styles of sturdy, wrought-iron trellises for you to pluck out the exact one you need and place it right where it belongs by your home. After that, the only decision you need to make is which flowers you want to see growing around it.

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