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Why Patio Torches

Tabletop Patio Torches

The patio should be one of the prime locations for a home entertainer to host guests during the warm summer months. We all love spending these summer evenings chatting and relaxing with our friends and loved ones, an oasis in the middle of the heat of the season. While the summer outdoors provide a break from the inside of the home, the idyllic patio environment can be improved with a simple item.

Warm Outdoor Lighting

Patio Torches create an ambience unlike any other for entertainment or for simply enjoying your patio. Unlike flood lights that create a harsh light for late night enjoyment of your patio, torch light provides something completely different. The warm light of a patio torch mimics that of a fireplace, while not coming with the heavy smoke and often overwhelming heat of a summer campfire. Patio Torches will fit all the needs of the entertainer while fulfilling a number of other roles for the enjoyment of your outdoor areas.

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Controlling Pests

Patio torches may also help you to reclaim your backyard from pesky insects. While the summertime creates the best environment for utilizing your outdoor spaces, too many insects and mosquitos may ruin this experience. Many torch owners will use citronella torches and burn citronella based oil to repel mosquitos during the heat of summer, when humidity brings these pests out. Citronella torches are an easy and non-toxic way to dispel insects and will help you to take back the outdoors and get back to doing the things you love most.

Important Ideas Regarding Patio Torches

Patio Torches come in a number of different shapes, sizes, and functions, but before we get too far into these different distinctions let’s get to rule #1 of patio torches: Do not get a set of patio torches for any occasion that will be an eyesore during the daylight. While some torches will serve as a centerpiece during night time entertainment, average torches will not be the show stopping centerpiece of your party or friendly get-together. 

Aesthetic Features of Torches

For this reason, a torch should serve two aesthetic purposes in your backyard decor. The first is that no matter what torch you get, it should never be an eyesore during the day, while the functional and warm light of a patio torch can create the perfect environment for night time entertainment, it should not destroy the beauty of your patio during the day. 

Above Average Torches

Second, don’t just have an average patio torch that can’t serve as the centerpiece of outdoor lighting. A patio torch can have both a practical and artistic design that sets your lighting apart from others, leaving your patio as a perfectly decorated and functional entertainment space.

Set Apart From Others

A patio torch can have both a practical and artistic design that sets your lighting apart from others, leaving your patio as a perfectly decorated and functional entertainment space.

Types of Patio Torches and Their Functions

Patio Torches come in a number of different shapes and sizes. Most tabletop torches are easy to simply set on a table or other location around your back porch, these simple and often smaller patio tabletop torches provide light while finding themselves as the center of a table setting. 

Tabletop Torches

A tabletop torch can be a wonderful little way to add some extra fun to tables and place settings, and as most come in glass, stainless steel, or copper, a number of different colors can be employed to reach the homeowner’s desired colors and contrasts. 

Tall Torches

The other most common size or type that torches come in is a pole style torch. These torches will often require some installation and exist as a much more concrete form of patio decoration then smaller mobile torches. These garden torches create a magnificent aura that frames the patio with the warming light of a patio torch. 

Final Thoughts

There is no exact way to decorate your patio with a set of torches, some patios may only need the light that comes from a smaller to mid-sized torch, while others may need the help of larger-style patio torches. However, for the best results you may want to have a couple of both, having a few larger torches to frame your patio, while keeping a few other tabletop torches to move around wherever light is the most necessary, creating the best atmosphere for your back porch. 

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