Where to Place Patio Torches

Where to Place Patio Torches

Ideas for Placing Patio Torches

It’s no secret that we here at H Potter are big fans of patio torches and the many ways in which they are formidable additions to the backyard and other outdoor spaces. Not only are there many different types and styles of patio torches, there are also a number of different places in which you can place these torches to maximize the decor and lighting in your backyard.

Choosing a place for your patio torch will likely not be the most strenuous task you will undertake in the realm of home improvement, but perhaps you want another perspective on the many different places you can place a patio torch that is both safe and stylish. The different types of patio torches means that you might find places for these wonderful ornaments in most locations in the backyard. Take a look at some of these ideas and envision them in your own outdoor oasis before you place or purchase a set for your outdoor room.

Safety First

Before we start discussing locations where we can place these patio torches let's talk about some quick safety. Make sure that all standing deck torches are securely anchored so that an accidental bump or a gust of wind won’t knock them over.

Second make sure that the torch flame is well clear of any roof or tree branches to prevent the possibility of a fire hazard. To make sure that your torches are usable and enjoyable for all, we also advise making sure that the flame is set back slightly from any seating or heavily trafficked area of the backyard.

Ingenuitive homeowners will appreciate the use of patio torches, so go ahead and find some fun uses for your own!

Location, Location, Location

First we’ll take a look at the different places in which you can place a traditional style patio torch. These torches are often attached to a pole to give them the classic look that has become synonymous with patio torches. Most torch owners find these to be the most stately options and use them in a number of different locations as both rustic decor and function. Here are a few options for placing these torches.

Patio Railing

Probably the most common place that you will find patio torches installed is along deck railing in the backyard. This popular spot turns the back deck into a nighttime oasis, where you and your family and friends will be able to enjoy your backyard to the fullest extent during the summer nights. Many torches will have a stand that allows you to secure your torch to the patio flooring using deck screws, so this is a safe and sturdy way to light up your back porch.


No one will want to walk through your backyard in the dark, where unseen objects or terrain might make the journey treacherous. Setting torches along a garden or backyard walkway is a great way to remedy this issue while also acting as a statement piece throughout your backyard. Find a torch that you will be able to stake into the ground so that you can easily anchor the decor.

Along Fencing

While others may have room for walkways, for those of us that might not have a significant amount of room to entertain in the backyard there are still options. Placing torches around fencing in your backyard is a great way to illuminate a smaller outdoor space, while still maintaining the ambiance of a larger area for you to enjoy. Keep the torches at a safe distance from fencing that could be flammable and your garden will be lit up for the entire summer.

These are only a handful of the many possibilities for these vertical patio torches and there are so many more options, but let’s shift to a few of the popular places to put tabletop torches. These torches aren’t always the showstopper that a vertical patio torch can be, but they certainly have their own character and their mobility and versatility can make them an important part of any backyard space.


We’ll start with the most obvious one. You probably didn’t need this section to know that you could place a tabletop patio torch on the tabletop, but these torches are named so because this is one of the best and most popular places to put them. Utilize any type of tabletop, whether the table is large or small, short or tall, these torches will find a way to make the table into a gathering space in the backyard.

Bar-top for your Outdoor Kitchen

If you have a dry or wet bar near your patio, lighting the surface can be a great way to give the bar-top a little bit of an extra edge over an ordinary bar space. This outdoor lighting will allow you to use the bar-top easily throughout the night, and who doesn’t like a torch lit tiki-bar.

Open Shelving

Shelving can be another option for a small sized patio torch. This will allow you to place the torch in a location that might be a little more out of the way if you plan to use the tabletop in a way that inhibits the use of a patio torch. Make sure the shelving is open so that the torch doesn’t cause a safety hazard, and move it to this location to not only add some light to the patio, but also to serve as decor during the light hours of the day.

Like vertical patio torches, these tabletop torches have a myriad of different uses, so experiment safely with them and you’ll be amazed at what you can do with these torches. Ingenuitive homeowners will appreciate the use of patio torches, so go ahead and find some fun uses for your own!

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