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The Virtues of a Copper Planter

For those looking for a unique way to add some color and character to the exterior design of their homes, our copper window planters will do the trick. Beautiful on their own with nothing in them, they will become a fixture of your home’s look - but fill them with blooms that play off your color scheme and your home will produce a one of a kind effect!

Unique Curb Appeal

When everyone else is decorating with plastic, wood, or undecorated steel, your home can be the one with the unforgettable brightworks of a copper window box planter. Truly, you can add one of these to your window and not even fill it with blooms or greenery and it will heighten the effect of the visual display; with no verge to compete for attention, the beautiful copper will make an impression like no other.

Possibly this is because the nature of copper is so unique. So many other metals like brass have a golden nature, and others like steel have a silvery persona - but none are like copper. Even empty copper vessels adorning your windows will catch attention, but add in some greenery and your house will really pop.

That Keeps Getting Better!

Copper, being a reactive metal, is nearly alive with a spirit. Stainless steel is wonderful because, when it is created and treated properly, it resists corrosion impressively. Copper doesn’t, but that nature of copper makes it more appreciable in the eyes of those who esteem its beauty.

Our 100%  copper planters are clear coated to resist corrosion, and they will gleam brightly for many seasons to come. The coat will, over time, begin to deteriorate, which will leave you with a choice. If you like the bright, native shimmer of raw copper, you can reapply a clear coat, or you can allow the copper to patina naturally on its own.

If you allow the copper to age depending on the influence of the environment, begin to darken or develop a pretty green patina over the course of a few years. This is the same green color that adorns the roofs of houses with copper flashing.

Remarkably High Quality

Our copper planters are also noteworthy for the high level of quality to which they are produced, which they share in common with everything here at H Potter. For example, some of our 100% raw copper window boxes are protected with a clear coat, as stated, and housed within a thick, heavy iron frame that is welded to provide sturdy housing for years to come.

Some of our window boxes are made from stainless steel to which an antique copper finish is applied; these window boxes are ideal for those who do not want their copper boxes to age over time, as it already gives an antiqued finish.

Built to last for many years, our window boxes, like all of our unique gifts for the home and garden, are made to the highest standards of quality and from the highest quality materials available.

Good for Your Plants

In addition, a copper window box won’t just benefit the look of your home and gratify you with a unique sense of style. They’re also great for your plants, should you choose to decorate your home with a little extra greenery.

For one thing, they are plenty roomy on the inside and are ideal for growing herbs, flowers, ornamental plants, and even some fruits or vegetables. They are ported to drain properly while retaining some moisture, which is in the interest of most popular cultivars.

What’s also interesting about real copper planters is that copper will form salts and other compounds in the soil that plants need to flourish. Your potted plants will need other nutrients, too, but housing them in a copper window planter will give them access to some unique nutrients that will keep replenishing themselves in the soil.

Do you want to learn more about the opportunities that a copper window planter can provide you? See what our customers are saying in the reviews of some of our models, right in our collection of copper window boxes, via the link above!

You could also get in touch with us directly. Let us know if you have any questions about planting or how to care for your plants or your copper, and we’d be happy to answer your questions. Give us a call at 208-640-4206 and we’ll help you out.

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