H Potter brand metal garden obelisk trellis with grid pattern outdoor landscape architectural structure

The Timeless Allure of Metal Garden Trellises

Creating symmetrical structures to highlight key aspects of a garden is an idea that is deeply rooted in history. Many of the most beautiful gardens ever created used simple, yet ingenious, structures as platforms for ornamental plants to take a prominent role and better contribute to the bigger picture.

We are talking, of course, about metal garden trellises and obelisks. These seemingly mundane and bare structures can be the key to bringing paradisiacal beauty to your piece of heaven when used judiciously.

There are many examples of this in history. A famous chapter embedded deeply in our heritage is the imaginative use of metal garden trellises, obelisks, and arbor structures in one of the most contrived attempts of gaining the hand of Queen Elizabeth.

During the second half of the 16th century, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, turned the Kenilworth Castle into a decadent palatial residence.

Kenilworth had served as an inexpugnable military stronghold for centuries. However, under the rule of the Earl of Leicester, Kenilworth was turned into a more subtle political weapon that used natural beauty as leverage.

The Elizabethan Garden was a feat of architecture and lavishness that few rulers have dared embark upon. This luscious garden was meant to be the Queen's private paradise and a way to convince her to marry the wealthy Earl of Leicester.

Recently, a group of historians and archeologists attempted to bring the garden back to its former glory and reveal its secrets. According to the experts, it was a scented and very colorful garden specifically created to give flowers a heightened prominence. In ancient times, flowers were a clear sign of wealth, so it was extremely important to make sure palatial guests could have an unrestricted view of all the varieties the Earl was able to.

The garden is flanked by two beautifully arched arbors that provide the necessary height for visitors to enjoy the magnificent vistas and exquisite colors while warding them against the summer glare.

Reconstructing this garden is an impressive architectural and archeological achievement. Historians found the foundations of the central fountain, as well as the original placement of the arbors, and were able to use drawings and sketches of the time to recreate the seductive allure of this magnificent botanical oasis.

However, one of the most recognizable elements of the garden was its Italianated features. At the time, French and Italian trends were very fashionable among the English royalty. It was common to see traces of these rich cultures in British gardens and palaces. However, the Earl of Leicester made sure to give all these features an English twist to make them unique.

While it is difficult to know how the Elizabethan Gardens looked during their prime, historians did a fabulous job in reconstructing the palace guided by first-hand testimonies from that time.

Today, the imposing flower beds are carefully contained by metal garden trellises. These provide support to splendorous and lush greenery, ensuring both protection and privacy without blocking the incredible view from any angle. All segments are symmetrically traversed by wide walkways that allow visitors to promenade and have their senses inundated by the exotic and delicate fragrances.                            

Obelisks take a prominent role in the garden as they accentuate the desired focal points, giving certain species a highlighted importance. Obelisks provide volume and richness, creating a healthy contrast between deliberate symmetry and spontaneous growth.

These elements can be found in many other legendary gardens and are a favorite in many landscaping projects today.

Current trends make sure to extend a deserved nod to traditional structures. Metal garden trellises provide support to scented and colorful plants such as clematis and honeysuckle, elevating any garden and giving it a sense of grandeur and volume. They also improve airflow and are a favorite among those who like to plant their own vegetables as they can grow up to three times as much produce per square inch.

Having flower beds crowned by exquisite obelisks is another way of giving your favorite climbers refuge, without diminishing the relevance of your flower beds. Obelisks also make it easier for you to give your plants appropriate maintenance and they also improve airflow and sunlight absorption.

Many have adopted the use of metal garden trellises and obelisks in interiors. Climbers that benefit from indirect sunlight serve to cover otherwise empty walls, or just bring a breath of life into your home without taking up too much space.

For those who appreciate the art of gardening and want to create a space that combines tradition with modern trends, we offer the best accessories for gardens and patios. Take a look at our exquisite selection of metal garden trellises, arched arbors, and obelisks, and transform your outdoor living space into a lush paradise.

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