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Terrariums for Sale: Unique Design Ideas and Care Tips

If you’re in the market for terrariums for sale, then you picked the right place to find them, you’re in luck. You’re also in the right place to learn all about their care, and even get some unique design ideas while you’re at it.

Selecting a Terrarium

First, you’ll need to select a terrarium. There are so many things you’ll want to consider while you’re shopping, including but not limited to the following:

-Size and height of the terrarium: The size and height of the terrarium will impact what you can grow in it and how much, for that matter.

-Coloration and visual aesthetics: A terrarium won’t be all that it can be if it doesn’t mesh with the rest of your interior decor! Luckily, we offer plenty of unique, handcrafted options with individualized characters to match a wide variety of themes.

-Quality of components: All of our terrariums for sale, like the rest of our unique gifts for your home and garden, are entirely handcrafted from nothing but the highest quality components. In our shop, many of our gifts are made from hand-blown glass, stainless steel, pure copper, and other durable, beautiful materials.

-How you will use the terrarium in question: If you’re going to use the terrarium for a living arrangement, you will have to pay a little bit more attention to its care and maintenance. If you’re just going to use it as a decorative fixture, you can get more creative.

Creating a living arrangement with a terrarium

One of the great things about our terrariums for sale, including our terrarium kits, is that they are uniquely designed to streamline the care and maintenance of so many different unique species of plants. One of the prime benefits of a terrarium is that it will recycle its own water, so for the most part, you just need to ensure that the soil is moist, to begin with. The plants within will drink, transpire, and then the water will condense on the glass and be recycled back into the soil and gravel.

Some plants that make a good match for our terrariums are:

-Mosses - They love moisture, are hardy, can tolerate a range of temperatures, and thrive in the shade.

-Baby Tears - They’re easy to care for and will add a lush bed of green to your terrarium.

-Some smaller species of ferns (like button ferns) - They’re also hardy and love moisture and shade.

-Spider plants - Tough and low maintenance, these plants are also tolerant of high humidity.

There are many other species of plants that will thrive in our glass terrariums , so many that in fact, we could have filled up this entire page with them!

Caring for a terrarium

Caring for a terrarium is easy, even when you have living plants inside of it. Here are some basic rules for maintenance, after you have planted.

-Once watered, you shouldn’t need to add water to the mix unless the soil is dry to the touch and there is no condensation on the glass.

-Periodically, air out your terrarium and wipe down the glass to remove residue, before adding a little fresh water.

-Rotate your terrarium periodically so that the plants inside get even sunlight.

-Trim off dead leaves where you see them.

-Remove any spots of soil that have developed mold or fungal growth.

Visit our page on terrarium care to learn more about terrarium maintenance.

Other unique design ideas:

In addition to planting your terrarium, you can make a terrarium a decorative fixture in your home. Among other things, you can:

-Create a miniature zen garden within one.

-Use it as a display case for cards or letters.

-Create miniature hardscaping scenes with stones, pebbles, and wood.

-Create a coastal scene with sea glass, seashells, sand, and other coastal curios and trinkets picked up along the shore

-Create themed seasonal scenes with little ornaments and trinkets based on upcoming holidays or on the time of year.

-Create a unique floral display of dried or pressed flowers to add a little color to a setting.

-And many others - Your imagination is the only limit!

These are just some original unique design ideas; if you want to learn more, give us a call and we’ll offer you some inspiration!

Our terrariums for sale are made with nothing but the highest quality components, including durable, thick glass panels, powder-coated trays to facilitate cleaning and resist corrosion, brass filigree, and much more. We pair quality with aesthetics like no other!

If you’re looking for a unique terrarium, you’ll find it right here. Just check our collection via the link above and give us a call at 208-640-4206 to learn more!

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