H Potter brand glass tiki torches hand-blown outdoor on a table in red white and blue

Tabletop Patio Torches

Tabletop Patio Torches

Summer nights on the patio are best accompanied by the soft and wholesome light of a patio torch. In previous blog posts we discussed the virtues of the patio torch as a general addition to your porch, patio, or backyard space. However, in this short piece, we’ll look at the abilities of the tabletop patio torch and why this is one of our family’s favorite torch designs here at H Potter. The tabletop patio torch is a departure from the classic standing torches that dominate our visions of patio torches in our own backyards, rather than being a standalone, fixed piece of the garden, these smaller torches bring their own personality to the party. Tabletop patio torches are a lot like your friend who’s the life of the party (if you aren’t), they are always able to be at the center of the action and are always ready to have a good time. Adding a tabletop torch is the perfect way to kick up your outdoor spaces a notch, and the ease with which they can be moved, lit, and put away, makes them an all around star in outdoor spaces.

Small, Maybe. Fun-sized, Absolutely!

Tabletop patio torches often lose popularity among homeowners for their small size. While this supposed limitation is something that becomes an issue for those who need something a bit larger, or who might have a bigger space to fill, it can become a strength for others. The smaller size of a tabletop torch means that it can be moved easily to add the ambiance you wish to create, anywhere in an outdoor space. Tall stationary torches don’t move easily, while they provide many other things, movement is not one of the qualities that they provide. With their small size, comes the ability to pick up a tabletop torch and set it about anywhere it can safely rest. This means you can set a tabletop patio torch on about any table making your lighting present wherever it’s needed to create the perfect environment for your backyard. This easy to move and place ability of the torch means that, like the friend who’s the life of the party, you will always be able to move a tabletop patio torch to the center of the party.

Subtle & Artistic

What about the looks of a tabletop torch? A tabletop torch brings a detailed aesthetic to any person’s backyard or patio, as the small size, coupled with the artistic nature of the torch makes it unique. These small torches are simply put, not large enough to be the show-stopping centerpiece that other larger outdoor decor may serve as. However, their design allows them to be the piece that pulls together your entire outdoor space so the patio itself becomes the centerpiece of the backyard entertainment space. So, while every backyard will need the piece that becomes the center of attention, sometimes you just need a fun little torch to wrap the whole thing together.


The size of the  tabletop patio torch might lead the owner to think that the size will affect the amount of light that is given off by the torch, but that’s just not true. Tabletop patio torches will in fact give off the same amount of light as another larger torch as long as their wicks are of comparable size. This means that you can move the same level of light to the center of the table or a less accessible part of the patio to maximize the lighting on your back porch to create the perfect backyard space for you to entertain in. This little torch really does pack a punch! Likewise, the torch remains relatively easy to light as you can simply set it on the table, and once the oil has been soaked up into the wick, it will light up with ease. Try burning citronella to keep mosquitos and other pests out of your back patio so they don’t ruin the party. And finally the small tabletop torches are easily stored, as a quick cleaning completes the only winterization you will have to do. Storing these torches in the garage or another storage space, will allow you to protect them from the elements and they will take up only a little space and require almost zero effort to take inside.

Thanks for reading this little article about these little torches. Tabletop patio torches are some of our favorite outdoor decor pieces because of the small touch of artistry they add to our back porch and the soft light that illuminates the patio. Perhaps this article will have shown how these small but mighty torches can be the life of the party in your backyard!


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