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Simple Ways to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Any form of home improvement can be an exciting way to elevate certain aspects of your home. With our selection of products, we make this easy for all of our customers to do without having to put in a tedious amount of effort. Decorating your home, whether it's the interior, exterior, or both should be easy and exciting.

For instance, if you are looking for a simple way to take your outdoor space like a garden or patio to the next level, decorative lanterns are one of many products that we carry at H Potter to bring more light and set the ambiance of your desired outdoor area. Between the unique, modern, and high-quality pieces that we carry to accent your home, we want to be your one-stop shop to find all of your home’s decorative needs.

Why Choose H Potter?

With over 25 years of experience as a family-owned and operated business, we’ve been able to determine what our customers enjoy the most in terms of indoor and outdoor pieces.

We carry ample amounts of products on our website including garden planters, decorative lanterns, window boxes, patio torches, trellises, and more, all of which are high quality and made with plenty of care.

Durability will be the least of your worries as we always make sure to test our products to ensure that they will make our customers satisfied. Some of the quality materials you can expect to find in our pieces include stainless steel, copper, hand-blown glass, and more.

We take pride in our selection as we believe the simplest of accents can make such a difference in the ambiance of your home. Not only that, you are able to further let your creativity shine as you choose our products to accent your interior and exterior spaces.

Our customers will always be our top priority aside from curating great products. With our products, we also want to show our customers that upgrading your home doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

If you are looking for those simple, yet stunning additions, our online store is the perfect place to shop at. Try taking a look at our categories to get a feel for what you want your desired outdoor space to look like.

Decorating Your Outdoor Space - Our Product Categories

As soon as you visit our website, you’ll notice that there are a few categories you can shop through to make your experience on our website a lot easier. Whatever you have in mind to make your outdoor space look its best, we most likely have it.

Gaining familiarity with our products might be useful in helping narrow down your final decision, although the options are always there should you find something you enjoy the most.

Below is an overview of the categories of products we carry that can make great essentials to your outdoor space.

Decorative Lanterns

Lanterns have been commonly used as a form of decoration and lighting. What better way to illuminate your garden or patio than with a decorative lantern? We have plenty to choose from that range from different shapes, styles, patterns, and materials. They also retain plenty of versatility in terms of how they can be used.

Whether you want to choose a hanging lantern to place on your patio deck or a smaller lantern to place as a centerpiece on one of your outdoor tables, the options are endless. You’ll notice that our lanterns hold candles. When you light up your lantern, you’ll instantly bring a warm, comfortable feeling to your space.

Garden Trellis

The classic garden trellis never fails to bring more dimension to your garden. Not only are the ones that we carry incredibly durable, but they also give you the freedom to display the climbing plants of your choice.

Our trellises each have their own unique, scroll designs to bring a classy, timeless look as soon as you step foot in your garden. We have many different designs to choose from so that you can find the one that best suits your style. They even vary in terms of size. If you are looking for something that is guaranteed to be eye-catching in your garden, don’t hesitate to go for a tall style.

If you are looking for something a bit more subtle, the options are there. Even if you are simply on the search for more coverage in your garden to offer a more private, secluded feel, you can purchase our trellis screens, or just implement more than one trellis in your garden.

Garden Planters

There’s no better way to highlight the features in your garden than garden planters. For plants of all different shapes and sizes, we have the planters you need. This includes planters for smaller plants like succulents and flowers or planters for tall plants.

They also come in different materials, one of our highlights being the copper planters. If you are looking to add a rustic type of look to your garden, our options make a great choice.

All gardens differ in terms of how you want them to look. From the plant options you decide to use to the accessories you purchase to accent them, gardens will always be unique in their own way.

Add one or more of our pieces to further highlight some of the details in your garden. You can even take a look at what we have to offer to gain some inspiration for your garden’s finished vision. When you head over to our website, hpotter.com, you’ll be able to view some of the other categories we have with products that make your garden look its best.

Our Best-Selling Outdoor Accents

Whenever you shop on our website, you’ll always be able to filter out our options based on your preferences. One of those is by what items of ours are currently best sellers or are popular with our customers.

If you would like to get an idea of some popular outdoor accents that our customers are loving, take a look at some of the product recommendations below:

H Potter Large Decorative Hurricane Lantern Indoor Outdoor

One of the reasons this is such a popular pick amongst our customers is due to the fact that it is incredibly versatile. You can place this lantern indoors or outdoors depending on the look you are going for. They will set a warm, comfortable mood outdoors or they can simply add an elegant touch to the inside of your home.

This particular model is built-to-last, crafted with materials such as glass and cast iron. You won’t have to worry about this particular lantern falling over, especially if it is outside during harsh weather conditions.

The look of the lantern itself is suitable for all styles and seasons. It is one that is classic, timeless, elegant, and never goes out of style.

H Potter Large Wrought Iron Heavy Scroll Metal Decoration Trellis

Out of the many garden trellises on our website, you can’t go wrong with this trellis style. It is highly favored and reviewed by our customers. When you take a look at the details, you’ll understand why.

At 32 inches wide and 72 inches high, this is a trellis that can tackle many of your garden needs at once. If you need it for additional coverage, the tall, durable frame will be able to do so. The beautiful, wrought iron detailing in this trellis is one that is guaranteed to be pleasing to the eye making it a nice, visual element to your garden.

Aside from that, the intricate detailing is perfect for the climbing plants that you would like to highlight in your garden. A lot of customers may be worried about how well their trellis will be able to handle heavy winds although this particular trellis is weather-resistant.

Try pair climbing plants such as rose, ivy, jasmine, honeysuckle, and more to create a beautiful display.

H Potter Planters Tall Outdoor Antique Copper - Set of 2

Our copper planters are always amongst some of the most popular pieces that we sell on our website. This rustic set is unique in how it looks and in terms of how it is made. They are handcrafted and can be placed in any space indoors or outdoors.

In this set, you will find that the planters are of different sizes. One is tall for bigger plants and the other one is small for others. If you are looking for something a bit different than the norm, this planter set makes a great option. The two contrasting shapes will make any space look good as well as give your plants a bit of visual dimension.

As with all of our other products, these planters are built-to-last and can be used in any way that you desire. They retain a distinctive look that will ensure that your plants will be able to pop more than they already do.

H Potter Set of 2 Home Accent Side Tables with Antique Copper Finish

Complete your patio with an antique, copper finish set. If you are looking to encapsulate an antique or rustic theme in your patio, this makes an excellent addition. Side tables may be a simple piece, but they can tie your entire patio together, especially if they have a unique shape or look such as these.

The side tables in this set have floral patterns which are perfect for connecting with the nature theme outdoors. Aside from being stylish, they are incredibly functional. Pair one of these side tables with a lantern to set an elegant and comfortable mood.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Piece For You

With the recommendations above from our wide selection of pieces, you are ready to choose the outdoor product or set. To help you determine which products will work best for you, it may be useful to think about the outdoor area of your home you would like to accent.

Some suggestions include sprucing up your: garden, patio, or deck. What’s so special about our pieces is that almost all of the products we carry will make a great addition to your outdoor area. You also have the freedom to place or position them however you’d like, as there is no right or wrong way to use our products.

Another factor to keep in mind is style. If you are looking for rustic or antique-looking pieces, our online store is a great place for you. As you shop through our products, you can get an idea of which ones meet your needs best.

If you ever need additional help, our team here at H Potter is always willing to help. Our customers mean a lot to us and we always want to make sure they are walking away with something that brings them a lot of satisfaction.

Contact Us

With that being said, all of our customers or visitors to our website are welcome to get in touch with us whenever needed. Whether you need product recommendations, more details on certain products, clarification on your order, or more, don’t hesitate to contact our team for assistance.

Feel free to call us at 208-640-4206 or send us a text to that number. If you need immediate or faster service, a text message to our number is the right route to take.

With over 20 years of experience in this business, we’ve been able to retain a record level of customer service and satisfaction. You can always count on our team to give your guidance that you can count on when looking for help.

Our team is always ready to help you. We’re just a call or text away!

Choose H Potter to be your ultimate destination for your decorative outdoor and indoor needs. You are only a few clicks away from enhancing your outdoor space.

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