H Potter brand metal garden planter plant container at front door entryway outdoors

Planters for Your Entryways and Outdoor Spaces

Where is that place around your house that could use a little extra greenery, or maybe just a little extra pop? Perhaps that spot is on the front steps, right outside your front door, on the patio in the backyard, or a walkway through the garden. In some places providing greenery for that space is simple, most landscaping and flower beds can instantly be filled with flowers, shrubs, or any kinds of your favorite plants to create an oasis around your house. But, in other spots this tactic probably won’t work. Concrete or wooden decks just fail to be as accommodating to plants as your garden or flower bed, and the most frustrating part is that these surfaces are often the most boring in many houses. What’s a gardener supposed to do with these unmanageable conditions, could there be any solution to this unsolvable issue??

Large Outdoor Planters

If there’s no soil on your porch, patio, or the entrance to your home, then we’ll just have to create some. Go out and find a planter that fits your home decor, provides some class to your entryway, and a container that is capable of holding the plants you want to show off (we recommend checking out our selection of tall planters at H Potter first). Outdoor planters are an excellent way to exhibit an array of different plants and flowers, while using elegant design to compliment the gardeners green thumb.

Choose the right planter for the job if you plan on filling a space. A tall outdoor planter may be the perfect accent for one place and look out of place in another, likewise an extra large square planter might fill some spaces and overwhelm others, while a smaller rectangular planter might not be enough for the job. Color and shape might also be factors that you consider, as they will not only frame the plants that you chose to grow, but also may overwhelm or clash with greenery and different colored blooms.

Tall Outdoor Planters

Place one or more tall planters outside your front door to create a regal welcoming space for guests. Put others on your back porch to create a green environment while enjoying your backyard. Planters can be used in so many ways around your house and garden, all you need is a little creativity to make the dream come alive. Don’t be shy with where you put a planter, the design should make an area come alive with color. Copper planters with an earthy or antique metallic color are often the perfect compliment for greenery and many colored blooms that last throughout the spring and summer. But, the usefulness of a planter is not simply relegated to the spring and summer months. Placing a planter in a high visibility location makes it a centerpiece of the entryway and a monument during the fall and winter months, however, if you plan on leaving a planter out in the elements, make sure the construction is durable enough to withstand the seasons.

An outdoor planter is the perfect statement piece in any area where you might need to move a little nature into. The dynamic nature of outdoor planter boxes showcases the beauty of greenery during the spring and summer months, while maintaining a grace of their own. Find the perfect planter for your spaces today, and get ready for a spring and summer planting season like no other!

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