H Potter brand metal garden arbor archway trellis screen outdoor landscape architectural structure


Your garden is a personal space, a space where you go to escape from daily toils to retreat and find peace. The tranquility of plants and greenery offers solace for the soul. As your garden grows so will your need to stabilize your plant material. While some plants flourish creeping along the surface of the soil, many others thrive when climbing to new heights. A metal garden arbor can be the type of trellis you need to help promote healthy growth for a variety of plants.

Garden Arbor Arch as a Entrance

Some gardeners choose to have a large iron trellis arbor as the entrance to their yard or garden. The classic lines of a metal garden arbor coax climbing plants to reach for the sun. At the beginning of the season, your arbor will most likely be the star of the show as your plants will be just starting their climb. So, as you look for an arbor, consider that for many months of the year, the sculptural design of your metal garden arbor will be important aesthetically. Also, consider the potential width of your plants, sometimes one arbor will be enough, but possibly you might need to have multiple trellis arbors lined up to train your vigorous vines.

Use your Garden Arbor Trellis as Practical Support

Trellis garden arbors might also be a practical solution for a blackberry or grape vine. Take care to train your vines up and over the arch of your arbor and the fruits of your labor will soon come to fruition. A heavy duty wrought iron arbor will support the weight of such branches and allow them to have the sunshine they desire. Mulch at the base of your metal garden arbor creates a pathway and also will assist with drainage and keep weeds away.

Garden Arbor plan to be your Focus

Maybe the highlight of your yard or garden is a central focal point. The hardscape elements you choose will not only be architecturally stylish but also fully functional. An eye-catching clematis trailing up a glorious arbor trellis can be the centerpiece from which you plan the additional plantings within your garden. Consider a ground cover at the foot of your arbor as a seamless transition between the levels of your garden. Add in a few pots, a statuary, even some landscaping rocks and your oasis will be complete.

Garden Arbor with Bench

Finally, maybe you wish to simply place a classic garden bench within the confines of your arbor and enjoy the peace within. A heavy-duty arbor can add grace to your yard or garden without even a plant on it. Add a few lights and enjoy the tranquility into the twilight hours. Visit us at www.hpotter.com today to see some great arbor trellis ideas and add a fully functional, visually pleasing piece of metal art to your garden or backyard today.

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