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Large Terrarium Wardian Cases

Large Terrarium Wardian Cases

Nearly 200 years ago, the wardian case was created by passionate London based botanist Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward. After an accident led to the survival of a germinated fern in an enclosed glass tube, Ward experimented with more formal means, creating what we might recognize as the modern large terrarium. Ward’s creation was soon used throughout Europe to transport plants via boat, protecting them from harmful salt water and allowing them to take advantage of the bountiful sunlight. In 1995, over 150 years after the invention of the wardian case, H Potter began manufacturing these glass boxes, becoming a pioneer in the re-emergence of the popularity of  large terrariums and wardian cases. The modern wardian case user does not typically fall into the 19th century categories of professional botanists and shipping companies that hope to provide countries with exotic plants. Instead, these cases are used by many home gardeners and families to grow plants throughout the winter months, or simply as a gardening option for an apartment-dweller without the luxury of a garden. Today, H Potter still provides a high quality experience for the at-home gardener with a number of different large terrariums of different designs styles and sizes. In this blog post we hope to share some thoughts on the uses and style of large wardian cases that can be placed in the home.

Planting your Wardian Case

Large terrariums are particularly loved for being exactly what they are described as, substantial in size. The glass case itself is larger than the average terrarium or traditionally styled wardian case, making it capable of holding larger plants and creating a richer ecosystem. Larger plants that are allowed to grow closer to their full size will do better in the freedom that they get in any large wardian case, resulting in an increasingly diversified group of plants that can be placed in the case. Secondly, the size of the case will allow for a number of different stylistic and decorative options in the wardian case. Placing different low growing plants to create the floor of your tiny forest can fill up the large terrarium, making the taller plants appear to pop out of the curtain of colors. The wardian case will also allow you to experiment with different decorations within the glass walls.  Adding small to large rocks can create a different ambience, while driftwood is also a popular natural piece of decor. Look into adding garden fairy furniture to the terrarium to create a garden that is only a smaller version of the life-sized thing.

Using Height to Display Your Plants in a Large Terrarium

Besides the size of the actual terrarium case, large wardian cases display their grandeur through the magnificent gift of height. While most tabletop terrariums are composed primarily of the terrarium case, base, and the short feet that they stand on, these large wardian cases add the element of height to their tool kit. Standing these large cases up in the corner makes them an imposing piece of decor on their own, with no assistance from a table or other stand. This characteristic will not only allow them to be a centerpiece for the decor in the room it is placed, but will also magnify the space in which it is placed. But, magnifying your home spaces is not the only plus to having a  large terrarium, as these stately pieces of gardening decor are also perfectly placed as a centerpiece right at eye-level. These glasshouses are capable of being at the center of your room with their unique design and the size to capture the eyes of all your visitors. Meanwhile, the height of the large wardian case places the plants at the viewer’s eye-level to proudly display your plants in the majestic focal point of the home decor.

Height and space are the primary factors that set these large wardian cases apart from other tabletop terrariums. Aside from these differences however, a large terrarium will still maintain the characteristics of these smaller versions of themselves. Though you may not be protecting your plants from the ocean spray, placing these beautiful cases in your home to maintain your plants' livelihood year round will absolutely enhance your home garden.

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