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Improve Your Outdoor Space With The Best Hanging Planters

Sometimes it can be difficult to find an elegant way to decorate the outside of your home while embracing the natural flow of your house or outdoor area. To utilize space around the home many people will create a garden by planting seeds or bulbs directly into the ground or using trellises for climbing vines. However, there are some areas where creating an entire garden isn’t exactly possible. With porches and patios, you obviously don’t have the soil needed to add a full garden and may not have the space to add floor pottery. The easiest solution is a  hanging planter.

If you are looking for a convenient and beautiful way to spice up your home you should consider adding hanging plants. They are an excellent way to decorate space that otherwise may go unused. You can grow your favorite hanging plants to brighten up and breathe life into an area. Obviously, picking a perfect plant that stands out is extremely important. H Potter creates elegantly styled hanging planters that will help compliment the plant of your choice while livening up your space.

How To Pick Out The Best Hanging Planter


Find a Location

The first step involved in picking out the best hanging planter is deciding exactly where you want it to go. Make sure you have an area where the planter can be easily hung. You will also want to make sure that it is in a location that can be easily seen. This is why a front porch is an exceptional choice of location for a hanging plant. The first thing that everyone will see when entering your home is the beautiful greenery or flowers that are growing directly at eye-level. Just be sure the planters are not too low or blocking a walking path.

Each of our available planters has a ring that joins the chains. This simplistic design makes it easy to find a place to start a hanging garden without much effort. Patios, decks, and balconies are not the only spots where you can hang these. We have seen planters gracing every outdoor area imaginable including gazebos, pergolas, and even right off of the home itself. The options are endless and you can let your creativity run wild.

Choose a Plant

The next step is to decide what you’ll want to put into the planter. Greenery is commonly used and would make an excellent choice for your planters. One common foliage plant used is Pothos. Pothos is extremely easy to grow and can add natural beauty to the area. Another easy-to-grow green plant would be Creeping Jenny. They are often incorporated when it comes to hanging planters and they will grow beautifully over the sides of the planter. They have small yellow flowers that bloom and make them all the more lovely.

If you are not interested in greenery for your hanging planters then you may be more inclined to get some colorful flowers and begin a hanging garden. There are plenty of flowers that will look beautiful in a hanging planter. Begonias, Fuschia, and Morning Glories are all widely used and have a gorgeous look to them. Choosing to add flowers like these to your hanging pot or starting an entire hanging garden is the perfect way to breathe life into a dull space. Choosing certain flowers can help color coordinate an area to match your specific aesthetic as well.

Pick Out a Planter

Lastly, now that you know where you’d like to display your planter and what you’ll be using it for, it is time to decide the style of your planter. It is important to get something to complement its surroundings. Our selection of hanging pots consists of durable materials. The best hanging planters retain a minimal design so that your hanging garden can stand out. These minimal aspects make it simple to choose because they are able to fit into almost any area with ease.

Why Our Hanging Planters Are Right For You

H Potter offers some of the most elegant brass hanging planters available. You can get yourself a beautiful planter with a copper finish and a heavy-duty black chain. H Potter planters are made with stainless steel and are extremely durable. These planters also have an amazing antique copper finish that is made by being electroplated. They have a hand-rubbed antique finish applied and a clear-coat protective sealer is added.

This heavy, durable construction makes these planters built to last. They are sturdy and stylized for all four seasons. Not only are these planters built to be strong, but they are also elegant in their design. Our minimalistic approach allows these unique planters to accent any flower or location around them. These can hold most plants and can be moved easily.

At H Potter, we’ve been accenting homes and gardens across the country for over 25 years. We provide the utmost care for our customers and their products. Because each hanging pot is handmade, each one will vary ever so slightly. This means that every customer is receiving a unique item, hand-crafted for them and their space. Get the best hanging planter from us and upgrade your outdoor space today.

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