H Potter brand copper window boxes with flowers hanging on the outside of a house above a flower garden with planters

Ideas For Decorating Your Window Planters

When considering all of the ways that you can decorate the outside of your home, you may come up with the idea of using window planters to show off your tastes to the world. You can use these as a simple way to exercise your creativity and create a small, thoughtful floral arrangement that speaks to your heart. The home is a deeply meaningful space, so it only makes sense that you would want to make your home feel more connected to you in any way you can. If that means creating a floral vision in window planters hung around your home, then that is exactly what you should go about doing. If you felt like the idea of a dream garden doesn’t suit you or your lifestyle, then you might want to consider utilizing your window space instead.

Why Display Window Planters?

Short answer: they’re fun to decorate and look nice. Window planters are great for decorating the front or sides of your home. Because of their size, they do not take up much space and can be pretty easy to maintain as long as you understand the sunlight and watering needs of the plants you chose. You can swap out the plants seasonally or try to keep the same group going for as long as possible. You don’t need a great deal of yard space or a large porch in order to enjoy them; you just need a window. H Potter carries many different window planters for you to look through, so you can find a style that works with your personal tastes along with the design of the outside of your home. Once you have a window planter that fits your window nicely, you can decide on the plants you want to display and how you want to arrange them.

How to Style Your Window Planters

Bursts of Color

If color is your go-to, something you know you love and will always return to, then you can create a stunningly bright arrangement for your window planter. Choose a beautiful flower with brightly colored petals that you know thrives in smaller planters and make your window planter a sunspot on a rainy day. Fill out the entire planter with only one kind of flower in multiple colors like daffodils or geraniums, and enjoy a naturally cohesive setup. You can also use one color of flower to make the planter a monochromatic dream come true.

Lots of Leaves

In case you feel that flowers are overdone or that beautiful leaves are underappreciated (which they are), you can pass on the flower petals and choose to load up on leaves instead. Some foliage that will help you, in this case, are coleus, stonecrop, heuchera, or coral bells. You do not have to say no to color either since so many leaves come in an array of rich, beautiful colors. Fill out your planter with bold leaves and create a refreshing display of your own.

Play With Dimensions

In addition to color, you are able to play with shape when designing for your window planter. You do not need to just have plants that grow straight up like angelonia or tulips. You can create a perfectly balanced arrangement using plants that dramatically spill over the planter’s edge including petunias, lobelias, vinca, or some trailing plants. You can also fill out the planter box with lots of filler plants to ensure that the arrangement looks complete. A fun combination could be a mix of all of the above, featuring some plants spilling over the edges and some poking straight up from the soil, with a nice full base in between everything.

Rich Autumnal & Wintery Tones

Typically when people think about lush gardens and healthy florals, they think of the springtime. The warmer weather months are normally given all the credit for creating beautiful plant life, but beautiful plants live all year long. You just need to pick the right ones. To celebrate autumn and winter, you can maintain plants that do well in the cold and feature deeper, darker colors. To create this cooler vision in your window planters you might want to look at pansies, snowdrops, hostas, yucca, and cyclamen.

When it comes to window planters and your home, the options go on and on. You can customize this fairly small container and use it to create displays that feel the most natural for you and your home. Once you identify the style you want, you can get started picking out the window planters and plants you want to make your vision come to life. H Potter is always so proud to be a part of the creative projects that some folks come up with. We love seeing pictures and hearing from you all about how our planters have helped you to make your homes feel more like “home” inside and out.

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