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How to Decorate Using Outdoor Candle Lanterns

With so much stunning imagery of decorative candlelight during festivals and parties, it's no wonder we still employ this traditional form of lighting today. While they are no longer a necessity, outdoor candle lanterns continue to cross our minds when thinking of scenic venues that create a sense of atmosphere. It is completely understandable to be drawn in by the soft glow they emit and to want that same lighting around your own home.

Invite candlelight into your life with beautiful outdoor candle lanterns from H Potter decorating your space. Make your yard as grand and impressive or as humble and cozy as you wish. You decide how you and your loved ones will get to enjoy these lanterns around your home. If you’re unsure of how to use candle lanterns to decorate your space and need some inspiration, we’re here to offer some ideas.

Light the Doorway

Of all the things you can do with your outdoor candle lanterns, you might want to start with the simplest - use your candle lantern as a modest source of light for your backyard. Choose a larger candle lantern and place it right by the side of the door. Make it the main source of light as you step out into your yard. Adding a lantern by either the front or back door enhances the atmosphere of your yard and adds a layer of elegance and style to your home. Be sure to keep this in mind if you have less yard space to work with. You might not have room for larger decorative elements, but you can elevate the entire space with a few thoughtful additions like candle lanterns. Consider it the minimalist approach. An outdoor lantern is a simple, but beautiful addition that works well with any other decor you use.

Make It A Centerpiece

If having one candle lantern is not enough, then give them more attention. Make your outdoor candle lanterns the center of attention for anyone walking out into your backyard. Place them in your seating area as the table centerpiece. If you have patio side tables, you can leave your candle lantern to rest on them. This can be an especially stunning sight if you have a beautiful, stylish candle lantern that you would like to put on display. Candle lanterns are beautiful for their design, but also for the overall effect they give off. Imagine sitting quietly in your backyard enjoying the fresh, cool air of night, while the flame of a candle flickers and glows by your side. Lanterns create the perfect intimate setting to sit outside by the open flames, enjoying the company of your family and friends.

Mix-and-Match Styles

While some prefer minimalism and seeing things perfectly matched up, others enjoy putting things out of order. Contrasting styles coming together, tall and short candles side by side, different colors, and mixed metals all in one space. It sounds jumbled on paper, but when it’s done right, this mix-and-match style can actually look creative and fun. Eclectic decorations like these feel effortless and casual. Homes are not normally perfectly arranged like in television or catalogues. There is usually some sense of relaxed disorder that makes it feel more welcoming and lived-in. You can easily achieve this look by mixing two or three types of candle lanterns in one space. Just make sure they are distinct enough from one another so it appears intentional.

Spread them Across the Yard

For what is likely the most cinematic and visually striking way to casually decorate your backyard with outdoor candle lanterns, you can take multiple lanterns and spread them throughout the yard. Doing so would create a grand sight that could rival what you have probably seen in movies. Using a set of matching candle lanterns that can be easily hung, arrange your lanterns around the yard so they cast a glow over the entire space. Your backyard will be very gently illuminated by candlelight and create a relaxing atmosphere you’ll enjoy.

Candle lanterns are great year-round. Don't wait for an event or special occasion to enjoy them. Set them up however you please and start enjoying every evening in your backyard with the beautiful flickering of candlelight around you.

As you are deciding on which outdoor candle lanterns you would like to have in your life, you may want to look at your yard as it is and envision where you would like candles to rest. Think of the fantasy candlelit garden of your dreams and mark out which kinds of candle lanterns you see, where they would be, and how you enjoy them as you step into your backyard, lighting each candle wick one by one. H Potter is no stranger to candle lighting and we would love to see what you do with your lanterns. We know it will be beautiful.

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