H Potter brand metal garden clematis trellis obelisk with grid pattern outdoor landscape architectural structure

How to Decide What Type of Plant Trellis You Want

A beautifulĀ  plant trellis full of healthy vines and blooming flowers makes a fantastic addition to anyone's garden. We can see why anyone would be interested in adorning their home gardens with one or two. Once you do decide to get one for yourself, the question of which one to get comes into play. That's a fair question considering the more you look at trellises the more variety you realize there actually is. To help you decide which type of plant trellis you want for your home, let's first dive into the different types of trellises there are and what you can do with them.

Wall Trellis

What it is: This type of trellis is entirely flat and meant to be affixed to the side of a building to act as patio wall decor. Wall trellises are intended to perform multiple functions at once. They support plant life as a frame, decorate a plain wall on the outside of your property, and serve as decoration to the space overall.

Why you might like it: Wall trellises are so popular because they are easy to work into almost any gardenscape. The fact that they are able to decorate walls without consuming space on the ground makes them great for smaller gardens or ones that already have other decorative elements. If you are considering getting more than one plant trellis , a wall trellis is good to have in mind. It works well with other decorations so they do not compete with each other and the space does not feel crowded. A wall trellis can find a place for itself in your garden easily as it takes little space and works well with anything else you already have.

Obelisk Trellis

What it is: Obelisk trellises are named after their upright, pillar form which resembles an obelisk monument. They are generally tall, slim fixtures that can come to a rounded, pointed, or decorative design at the top.

Why you might like it: An obelisk garden trellis exudes a feeling of elegance and can serve to make a garden appear more refined just with its presence. They are good for those who really want to achieve some height with the growth of their climbing plants. These types of trellises tend to be rather simple in design, providing you with a good canvas for growing any type of plant you like. If you prefer your decorative figures to occupy space vertically rather than horizontally and closer to the ground, then obelisks could be a good call.

Standalone Trellis

What it is: Standalone trellises are likely where you will see the most variety in shape and design. They can vary from screen or scroll types of trellises which are flat and stand upright like a decorative screen, to more dimensional, artistic designs which can resemble flowers, geometric shapes, and architectural work. They stand on their own like obelisks and can be placed anywhere in your garden.

Why you might like it: A standalone type of plant trellis gives you a great amount of creative control and flexibility which works very well for someone interested in a trellis serving as decoration with or without the addition of plants. If this is how you view trellises then the standalone type may be best for you. H Potter has a large catalog of garden trellises that are meant to perfectly match people up with the best ones for their homes. You can choose from a wide range of styles to fit your tastes or the overall layout of the garden.

Arbor Trellis

What it is: An arbor trellis stands out much more than the previous types of trellises do. Arbor trellises are much larger structures that will resemble an archway. Their sides and rooftops will have structure for plants to grow around so that the entire shape can be full of plants at a time.

Why you might like it: An arbor trellis makes a statement in a garden, so if that is what you are going for, this is for you. If you have a large amount of free space in your garden, you might want an arbor trellis to fill the room. You can have it covered in plant life to act as a purely decorative fixture, or you can make it a part of your garden's layout by making it a passageway leading to another area of your yard. It can dramatically change the feeling of walking through your yard area and turn it into an experience.

With all of the different types of trellises there are, we wanted to make it easier for you to identify what exactly you are looking for and what sounds like it would be the best fit in your life. The H Potter website features so many types of plant trellises that we only thought it was appropriate to list them out and detail what each one had to offer. With this knowledge gained, we hope you will be able to navigate the selections easily and with great confidence. Remember if you have any other questions, you can always reach out to us for help.

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