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How a Flower Box on Your Window Can Transform Your Home

When it comes to things of uncommon beauty for your home and garden, we’re specialists. That’s why we’ve designed and produced so many unique and beautiful designs for your indoor and outdoor spaces that will thrill both you and your guests. Whether you appreciate the soft, warm glow of a tabletop torch or the dignified, stately presence of a wrought iron garden trellis (or both) H Potter carries unexampled designs

We like to think of our unique designs as uncommonly useful, too. Take our window flower boxes, for example. They are vested with distinct beauty and grace, there’s no mistake about that. But when you want to add a flower box to your window, you’re going to need something that does more than look nice. You’re going to need a quality piece that will last through the seasons and aid you in caring for your living arrangements.

But why would you want to add a  flower box to your window, to begin with? It turns out there are more reasons to invest in flower boxes - and make artful use of them - than simply to compliment your other tall outdoor planters and hanging arrangements. A flower box brings you some versatility that you can’t get any other way.

Add Color and Visual Allure to Your Home - It’s about Curb Appeal!

Probably the most straightforward value that a window box planter can provide you is the visual one. Our dignified, copper and stainless steel window boxes would look beautiful outside your windows, even if you never even added a touch of greenery. Classic Colonial and Georgian Architecture would be accented wonderfully by them - but so would modern designs and others.

What’s remarkable about window boxes is that they add value to your home, just like a new facade or a new coat of paint, or even stonework. Of course, window boxes don’t necessarily mean a huge change to the appearance of your home, but sometimes the little accent marks are the ones that really catch your eye!

Don’t forget - while our window boxes are downright beautiful on their own, when you experiment with different plants, you can really add the colors to your home that will make it pop. With flowers and other ornamentals, you can complement your home with splashes of color throughout the seasons - and you can even grow different varieties and cultivars through different years!

Expand Your Home’s Footprint - in a Manner of Speaking

Another great thing about putting a flower box on your window is that, for some people, it’s the only way for them to practically engage their interest in gardening. For those who live in cramped spaces or don’t have outdoor living areas or a yard, a window box may be the only way to scratch the itch for growing flowers, ornamentals, herbs, or vegetables.

Of course, even those with cramped quarters can probably make a little bit of space for a small indoor planter, but the reality of the situation is that for the vast majority of popular cultivars when the conditions for growth are good, they’ll flourish outside much better than they will indoors. Temperatures, access to sunlight and rain and more are all superior in the outdoors, at least during the growing season.

Others in urban areas might have a little bit of room, but none outdoors to speak of. For them, a window box might be the only viable option for adding color or greenery to the home - and there’s no better way to do it than with an H Potter window box!

Provide You with Endless Opportunities for Growing

Not to say that you can’t grow herbs, vegetables, flowers, and other plants in other types of planters, but a flower box on your window will keep them right within arm’s reach at any time. Also, the versatile sizes and designs of our window boxes make them practical for growing all different sorts of plants.

Some flowers do better with lots of water, like begonias, whereas others prefer it to be a little bit drier and better drained, like snapdragons. Providing for these preferences is just a matter of the right care - but when it comes to finding a planter that makes it easy for you to pursue your interests, ours are tops!

Grow Herbs - Add Homegrown Flavor!

Another great thing about our window boxes is that they’re perfectly sized for growing so many different types of herbs, and growing herbs at home are one of the easiest and most practical ways to add homegrown flavor to your dishes.

Grow basil throughout the summer month and add its zesty, fresh foliage to your favorite dishes or spice up tea and other beverages. After the hotter months pass, you can grow herbs that will tolerate the cold - like thyme and sage - and they’ll be ready for you to include them in your Fall soups and Thanksgiving dishes!

That’s just a snapshot of the possibilities. Naturally, there are so many other types of herbs you can grow in our planters. All you need is a little imagination, the right information, and you can make it happen - right outside your window.

The H Potter Difference

Anyone can pick up a set of window flower boxes - but there’s nothing else out there like the unrivaled quality that we provide in our online store. All of our window boxes - like everything else on our website - are entirely handcrafted.

We believe in good old-fashioned quality, the kind that can’t be easily reproduced. That’s why all of our window boxes boast of some of the following features.

●Quality Materials

Many of our window boxes are made from high-quality, ultra-durable stainless steel, while others are made from pure, 100% raw copper. Stainless steel probably needs no introduction for durability and is naturally well suited to resist the elements. Even our copper boxes are made from heavy-gauge copper and beautifully finished to resist corrosion. Additionally, our window boxes are housed within thick, heavy iron frames that are both physically tough and well suited to withstand corrosion.

●Durable Finishes

Being in the outdoors all year can take a toll on your decor and furniture, and flower boxes are no exception, even when they're made from high-quality materials. That’s the very reason that our window boxes are carefully treated with additional finishes to help them stand up to the outdoors.

The tough texture of stainless steel naturally resists the elements, and our copper window box planters are finished with a clear coat that will help them better resist corrosion as well. However, some prefer the look of patina on weather copper, so if that appeals to you, you can simply allow the finish to wear away through the seasons and you’ll be able to develop a beautiful, organic antiqued copper appearance in your own time.

The iron frames of our window boxes are finished with an extremely durable and rugged powder coat that seals them off from the ravages of humidity and heat. Powder coating is one of the best ways to prevent rust, corrosion, and weathering!

●Timeless - and Unique - Designs

In addition to being examples of objectively unmatched quality, the designs you’ll find here in our online shop can’t be found anywhere else. Everything we sell is handcrafted and unique to our store.

That means our designs are one of a kind. If you fall in love with the stately lines and dignified aesthetic of one of our flower boxes, you’d better pick one up because you won’t be able to find it, or an equal, anywhere else!

Plus, we provide a wide range of designs that are suitable for a number of different schools of design. Some of our flower boxes are endowed with a minimalist appearance whereas others have elegant, graceful curves and lines for a more ornate presentation. Whether you’re going for simplified or highly refined, we have a little bit of everything in our catalog!

●Copper Isn’t Just Pretty!

One note on the copper construction of some of our window boxes. While copper has a beautiful and entirely unique presentation - no other metal is quite like it - copper serves an interesting function as a planter medium. Copper is reactive. The same quality that makes copper develop a beautiful patina actually also helps it nourish some plants.

The copper will form salts and other nutrients in the soil that is placed in it which plants will absorb. For some species, you’ll still need to provide supplementary fertilizer, but our 100% pure copper will help you out.

●Does Free Shipping Sound Nice?

Additionally, when you buy from us here at H Potter, you’re not just getting uncommon quality and timeless, elegant designs. We’re also offering free shipping, and some orders will even be shipped the same day. Whether you’re planning an indoor garden for the winter or an outdoor garden for the spring, H Potter is here for year-round needs.

Caring for the Flower Box on Your Window

If you do decide to go with a flower box for your home’s windows, here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind for long-term care, just so you can keep your beautiful flower box as bright and shiny as the day it arrived!

●Add a New Finish: Some of our flower boxes, like our 100% pure copper flower boxes, are given a clear coat sealer that protects the copper from weathering. Over time, however, this clear coat will wear away and break down, so if you want to keep your copper bright and shiny, you’ll want to add a new clear coat finish from time to time.

You can use a clear polyurethane to supplement the finish at the end of a season. Apply it to both the inside and the outside of the planter, and make sure you only apply it when the planter has been emptied and cleaned, as polyurethane is a harsh chemical that is toxic to plants.

●Touch up the Paint: The mounting frames that come with our window boxes are black and powder coated to be resilient in the face of the elements, but if you prefer another color to better suit your home, you can easily add a coat of paint before mounting. Also, if you need to touch up the coat between seasons, you have that option, too!

●Be Careful with Water!: While you will understandably need to provide water to the plants you’re growing in the flower boxes on your windows, water can actually damage the finish of your planter. This is because there are a variety of minerals dissolved in most water. While this spotting and streaking may be appealing to some of our customers, some of you might consider it unsightly. To prevent this from happening, simply don’t allow your planter incidental contact with sprinkler water and don’t allow water to overflow the sides when watering your plants.

●Bring inside in the Colder Months: While you don’t absolutely need to bring your planter inside during the colder months, it’s a good habit to get into. Besides, cleaning out the soil at the end of the growing season and wiping down your planter with a non-abrasive cloth will help to keep it bright and fresh for many seasons. If you do choose to take your window planters down in the winter, just make sure you store them somewhere safe and dry.

It Doesn’t End with the Windows!

Now that you’ve gotten a crash course in window planter care, you’re probably wondering what other unique types of planters we offer here at H Potter. In addition to window planters, we also carry tall indoor planters - and tall outdoor planters - along with entryway planters, deck rail planters, and even a variety of beautiful hanging planters.

For those of you with green thumbs, we make it easier to enjoy your hobby with beautiful accessories that will underscore the natural allure of your living arrangements - whether inside or outside of your house.

Spend some time getting familiar with our collection of delightful wares for your home and garden, and if you have any questions at all, reach out to us at 208-640-4206!

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