H Potter brand metal garden obelisk trellis with grid pattern outdoor landscape architectural structure

Heavy Plants: The Need for Obelisks

The Focal Point: Towering Vertical Yard Art

Every gardener knows the struggle of heavy climbing plants. Simply put, towering plants can become an eyesore when they are left unattended or without constraint. Yet climbing rose bushes and plants such as wisteria or trumpet vine often become too heavy for simple trellising. Weak trellising can collapse under the stress of these large plants, leading to difficult and painstaking work to make your garden look whole again.

New gardeners may find the prospect of working with these cumbersome plants to be a battle simply not worth fighting. Without the time to properly prune and watch these large plants, a gardener may be soon overwhelmed by the cleaning that can be necessary. Many of these difficulties are caused by improper trellising and cultivating of these large plants. Proper trellising and support for your plants can be just as important to their overall beauty in your garden as the proper soil can be to the health and growth of these same plants.

Choosing the proper trellising for your plants is certainly not rocket science, though it may take some research and a little work, anyone can find a way to harness the beauty of these climbing plants with the order of the garden. If you are reaching this article then you may be at least half way through this research and work on your quest to beautify your garden!

Heavy Duty Obelisks: The Simple Solution

Though others may find different ways to solve the riddle of these tall yet beautiful plants, one of the simplest ways to combat the unabated spread and heavy nature of these plants is to provide them with a controlled environment that not only makes your life as gardener easier, but accentuates the climbing beauty of these plants.

One of the simplest ways in which to provide this structure for your plants is a Heavy Duty Obelisk. So what is an Obelisk? Metal Garden Obelisks are vertical, 3-D trellising systems that combine beauty with functional control of your garden. These trellises provide the solution to the cumbersome care of creeping and climbing plants that often become too heavy and ungovernable for many traditional trellising systems. The 3 dimensional nature of these trellises give them more structural support and balance to hold the heavier branches that are typical of rose and clematis bushes, while their multiple ledges and holds provide something for crawling plants and vines to grasp.

Wrought Iron Obelisks: Beauty & Function

Outside of providing a well built and sturdy structure for your heavy climbing plants to grow on, Obelisks also assist the gardener by maintaining the beauty of the garden. The design of the Obelisk should be at the forefront of the gardeners mind as they work on adding the natural beauty of vertical art to their garden. Adaptable Obelisks provide the perfect backdrop for the climbing plants and make pruning back the fast growing plants a breeze. The geometrical nature of the Obelisk provides a base from which the gardener can choose the proper way in which to maintain their plan, while keeping the invasive climbers from reaching out into the places they shouldn’t be.

If you’re planning on adding climbing plants to your garden, don’t forget to consider the upsides of a Garden Obelisk when making your decision. These towering pieces of art provide the garden with a sense of regal order and beauty while keeping the artistic ability of the gardener. If you are still looking for Obelisk options, check out the wonderful Wrought Iron Obelisks offered at H Potter. Happy Gardening!

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