H Potter brand metal garden planters in stainless steel with antique copper finish at home front door entryway

Great Ways to Decorate with Our Tall Planters for Outdoors

By now you’re probably already no stranger to the idea that H Potter is uniquely situated to offer you truly unique decorative arrangements, solutions, and ideas for your home and garden. When you need to revitalize your indoor and outdoor spaces, check with us first because we can make it happen.

Among our unique outdoor tabletop lanterns, glass terrariums, wall trellises, and other special gifts for your home decor, we also provide a wealth of indoor and outdoor planters, including  tall planters for outdoor use.

One of the best things about our collection of planters, including succulent planters and window planters in addition to tall planters for outdoors, is that you can use them functionally as well as aesthetically. With them, you can add greenery and bursts of living color to your spaces. Even if it were not for the well-attested benefits of keeping plants in and around your home, you can really spruce up your spaces with some of these tall planters.

Check here first, and if you come up with your own idea that you want to see added to our list of inspiring ideas, reach out to us and we may be able to include it in one of our posts!

1.Match the tones to your exterior decor

One of the best things about our tall planters is that they require little work from you to make them amenable and fit many environments. While we will, in the scope of this article, give you some innovative ideas for decorations and personalization, it’s equally nice that our planters are created to represent an uncommon measure of quality. It’s also nice that there are so many unique designs to choose from in the mix.

The easiest and certainly the most straightforward way to match one of our tall planters for outdoor spaces to your home or garden is simply to match the tones of the finish to your setting.

Whether the setting of your outdoor spaces would be best graced by simple, minimalistic impressions or by grand, regal lines, there is something in our collection to appeal to that fancy. In addition, we offer a wide range of tones and finishes in our outdoor planters. From the demure, stately presence of dark, antique copper to the more striking dappled tones of a rustic copper finish over stainless steel, there is something to add a nice touch, regardless of the setting.

2.Bring the splendor inside

Another great thing about our tall planters for outdoor spaces is that although they are manufactured to exhibit a higher-than-usual degree of quality for facing the elements outside, they are also ideal for bringing inside to set off your indoor spaces.

Do you have exposed metalwork or filigree inside your home? Perhaps you have some stonework that would be well complemented by the notes of copper and weathering that we have already described. Just bring one of our tall planters indoors and make a statement in that fashion.

Something that is interesting here is that while planters are designed to serve as a vessel for your living arrangements, the innate character of the metal and its design will make more of an effect when the planter is left empty. An empty planter has something of a decadent feel to it that can’t be easily substituted or imitated. Bring one in or bring in a pair to flank an entryway for an entirely unique effect.

Of course, it doesn’t need to remain fallow even if you do bring one or a pair inside. There are many houseplants that would thrive indoors in one of our tall planters (or any of our other planters, for that matter) and if you long for a touch of greenery, you can pull it off with what’s in store here at H Potter. In fact, the bright, glossy green foliage of many indoor plants accents the weathered brass and copper finishes of our planters wonderfully.

You can also cook up some ideas and lend your own personal touch to these tall planters for a more unique, truly personalized effect if that sort of thing is appealing to you. Our planters are one of a kind as is, but there is just something about a unique and personalized customization to a piece of decor that gives it an unforgettable quality.

3.Add your own personal touch

That brings us to some ideas you can use to add a personalized touch to any of our indoor and outdoor planters. While our planters are completely unique, the only way to make an arrangement that has no equal is with a bit of creativity and grit. It will elevate the spirit of your location and imbue it with something that cannot be imitated any other way. That is the true nature of individuality, and it can be executed surprisingly simply - just take a look at some of these inspirational ideas!

●Decorate with twine, ribbon, or another cordage

One of the simplest and quickest ways you can add a personal little touch to one of our planters is with the addition of a tad of cordage. It’s quick and easy and can be as simple or as intricate as your skills and time will allow. In fact, depending on how you accent the planter, you can give it anything from a nautical to a more rustic feeling.

This type of accent is typically reserved for smaller pots and metal planters, but there’s no reason you can pull it off with our larger ones! Take a length of jute twine and wrap it around the planter, finishing it with a bow or a knot at the front. It will give the planter something of a rustic, unpackaged look; almost industrial. Perform the same effect with a heavier hemp rope and finish it with a nautical knot to give it a more coastal theme.

You don’t need to use twine or rope, though. You can also use burlap, fabric, or even ribbon to give the planter some personality. For the holidays, dress up a planter with a red and green bow, or cycle through different colors for the seasons. You’re bound only by creativity!

●Add some stone, moss, shells, or other themed decor

While adding some twine, rope, ribbon, or another cordage to your tall outdoor planters is a foolproof way to add some extra personality, it’s far from the only way. You can also make a relatively quick fix by adding in some moss, stone, shells, or other unique decorative accents, and there are several ways to go about this.

Perhaps the two best ways to accomplish this are by using them as media across the top of the substrate and by accenting the outside of the planter with them. If you do add colorful rocks, stones, or shells to the potting mix, however, make sure it will not affect the pH or drainage of the soil in a way that will harm the plant.

As for decorating the outside of the planter, we wouldn’t suggest adding anything that couldn’t be removed easily or would cover up the planter entirely. Rather, you could take a few unique accents, such as shells, for example, and decorating a part of the exterior with them. Instead of covering up the beautiful native character of our planters, you can accent them instead.

●Paint or gloss for extra character

Do you already own an H Potter large planter and feel that you could benefit it by adding some color or a different finish to it? If so, you may be able to execute your vision with a few spare minutes at the end of your week and a couple of supplies you can get from a craft store.

Using craft paint or even chalk paint, you can give a unique new finish to some of our outdoor planters that will make them look weathered, albeit in a different fashion. Depending on the setting of your home as well as the plants that you currently grow in the planter in question, you might also be able to enhance the setting with a few splashes of color in the form of paint or gloss. Use the tools at your disposal and you can come up with really unique design ideas to make a tall planter the focal point of your home or your outdoor garden.

●Add a stenciled pattern or message

You don’t just need to add random splotches of color if you want to get creative with paint. If you trend toward the artistic, there is nothing wrong with accenting one of our tall planters according to your own vision.

Even if you want the natural talent, you can use stencils and other tools to make beautiful patterns or to stamp messages across a planter to make it more fitting to the setting. Remember, in this as in all things, the only limit you have to face is your own creativity!

●Accessorize with sticks, planks, or other wood

You can also use decorative natural accents in the form of wood, twigs, logs, small pieces of driftwood, both bought and found, to make unique accents to your favorite planters.

Some homeowners are a fan of “boarding up” their planters; we don’t suggest that as it would cover the natural beauty of our metal planters, but still, the vision is yours!

We’re more in league with adding decorative pieces of wood and logs to the substrate as decorative accents, similarly to how you could do with one of the terrariums in our shop. Alternatively, you could ring the base of the planter with planks or logs to make a more rustic look!

●Add a fabric accent

In addition to these aforementioned ideas for decoration and personalization, you can also use fabrics to make a personalized accent for your favorite planters. Again, the suggestion is not to entirely cover up the planter but just to add a nice little touch.

If you liked the idea of accenting with twine or rope but want a more time effective solution, try a burlap wrap for a portion of the planter. You can also decorate with other fabrics or strips of cloth - depending on how weathered or pristine they are, you can achieve very different effects.

●Up the look with gilding or other precious metals

This is one of the most unique and interesting ways of all that we have featured here. Our tall planters are all already smartly decorated with metallic hues and character, but you can add just a bit more with some gold, silver, or copper leaf, to suit your fancy.

Applying metal leaf is easy and you can do so much with it; you can add messages, splashes of color, highlights, or even totally change the nature of a planter. That much is up to you - but, as always, your creativity is the only limit!

These are only a few of the many ways you can get inspired to put your own personal touch on some of our planters and other unique accents for your home and garden. As stated, if you have additional ideas, get in touch with us and let us know what they are - or call us if you have questions!

Speaking of Quality

Finally, it bears noting that quality is central to everything we do. Some producers might be happy to make a quick buck, but we aren’t satisfied unless we know we are selling the best of everything to our customers - and it shows in our customer satisfaction ratings!

Although our outdoor planters are all different, they are made specifically for us according to the highest standards of quality. Many of them are made of rust-resistant stainless steel, come with a custom insert, and have adequate space at the bottom along with a storage hole. In other words, they are built for the long haul and with proper care will last you many seasons.

While you’re here, don’t miss a chance to check out our other decor planters for potted plants, including hanging planters, succulent planters, and much more. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to us at 208-640-4206. We’re always happy to help!

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