H Potter brand metal garden planter plant container at front door entryway with tree outdoors

Front Porch Planters to Liven up the Front of Your Home

First impressions are everything. When your friends, family, and neighbors come to visit your home, the first thing that will grab their attention will be your front porch or patio. There are many ways that you can spruce up your outside area. If you have a green thumb then it may come naturally for you to want to use plants and flowers as decor.

Here at H Potter, we have quality garden products available that can bring your outdoor space to the next level, but our gardening expertise doesn’t end there. If you are looking for something to liven up your porch or patio we have the perfect thing for you. Our  porch planters are an amazing addition to the outside of your place. Just the simplest of changes can turn your house into a home.

Tall Outdoor Planters

People always say “go big or go home”, but that saying doesn’t apply here, because you’re able to do both. We have magnificent and elegant planters that are tall enough and sleek enough to steal the show. Most of our tall planters are able to be placed outside or inside depending on your preference. They make for a perfect porch or patio decoration and offer a warm welcome to guests at your home.

Our tall planters are sturdy and durable. They are made of stainless steel and solidly constructed. Though they are built-to-last they are also lightweight and able to be moved with ease. They are hand-crafted so that each one is slightly unique.

Our planters are not only high-quality, but they also are a beautiful sight to behold. Get a tall planter, or a set of 2, that features a rustic or an antique copper finish. These vertical planters come with a custom planter insert with drainage holes. This can be removed for easy plant installation. You can also easily add a drip tray to further improve the convenience of these amazing items.

Window Boxes

Another amazing way that H Potter can help you improve your porch or patio is with a window box. You can place a window box inside or outside of your home. Grow some of your favorite plants and herbs right on the side of your home. Our window planters come in many different colors and designs. You can get an intricately detailed planter, with an elegant, yet minimalistic design.

For convenience’s sake, some of our window boxes are available in sets of 4 so that you can start your own mini-garden with ease. Much like our tall planters, our window boxes are hand-crafted and built to last. These make for an excellent gift for a friend or family member or bring the joy of starting your own window garden with our window boxes.

Hanging Planters

Hanging planters are yet another spectacular way to improve your porch or outdoor area. As long as you’ve got a spot to hang them, these are an amazing way to utilize the space. If you’ve used up space in your garden, or filled your porch with many decorations and are still searching for a way to liven it up some more then hanging planters are your best bet.

Our hanging planters are a perfect way to catch the eye of a visitor. Get your hanging planter with a unique finish that can stand out in any season. This product looks great, whether it’s filled with flowers or greens. It is a piece of art in its own right and will be a great first sight hanging from your front porch or over your patio.

Small Planter Pots

The last potential porch planters that need to be mentioned are the smaller planter pots. Sure, they may not have the eye-catching glory of the hanging planters or tall planters, but these cute little pots have their own tiny personalities. Match any aesthetic with the variety of small planters that we have to offer. From antique copper to an off-white powder finish, there is the perfect choice for every garden lover.

Much like our window boxes, these small planters can fit on any ledge that you’d like them to accentuate. The difference is you can get these small planter pots, by themselves or in sets of three. They are perfect for adding a flower or a succulent. These tiny planters are just as sturdy as the rest and allow you to add a little piece of your personality to the outside or inside of your home.

All of these options are amazing ways to improve your front porch, patio, or any part of the outside of your home. At H Potter, we have been designing and manufacturing premium garden products for over 20 years. We put an emphasis on the quality we provide and hope that these stunning garden planters will match well with the decor of your home and the plants you decide to grow in them.

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