Finding the Right Porch Planters

Finding the Right Porch Planters


It can be fun decorating your porch for all the world to see and appreciate, especially when you are used to keeping your backyard garden presentable, but expect fewer people to see your efforts there. Anyone driving by or walking through the neighborhood could be able to see the front of your home, fully appreciating the selection of plants and porch planters you set out. In order to get to this vision though, you first have to make a decision for yourself. Which planters are you going to use? There are certainly more options than one little potted plant on the porch banister. You can have any sort of combination of various porch planters accenting your home. You can choose some or all. So here’s a look at a few types of planters you can choose for your porch.

Tall Planters

The first type of planter you can consider buying to dress up your porch is a tall, stand-alone planter. It is a tall pot for your plants that will sit grandly wherever you place it. Planters like these are usually well suited to go right by the side of the door to welcome you as you enter the home. One way to dress your porch with tall planters like this is to get two, perhaps of the same design, and set one on either side of the door. These porch planters will act much like statues would in traditional, formal buildings. These twin guards, so to speak will look stunning right at your doorway. Tall planters are great for displaying versatility in plant arrangements from tall and slim to short and full. You can arrange them just how you want to see your plants growing out of a tall planter. You can aim for simplicity and choose a more minimalistic design for these porch planters , pairing them with something tall like snake plants. You can also go in the opposite direction and choose a more detailed planter option, then make them full of leaves and flowers that stand out vertically and horizontally.

Window Planters

Another option for creating your ideal setup of porch planters is to utilize the space you have by using window planters. These are less in the way because they take up no floor space and allow you to dress up your window very tastefully. One thing that is fun about window planters compared to taller plant pots that sit on the floor is that you can make different styles of arrangements that cannot be so easily mimicked in taller planters. Window planters are fairly distinct in this way, allowing you to take advantage of width, with window planters being available in measurements of 30, 36 and 48 inches. You can create an arrangement from left to right in a variety of different shapes and sizes. The window planter can be full in the center with smaller plants along the sides, or it can be similar height throughout. Overall, it just has a very different effect than its stand-alone counterpart. Because they are so visually distinct, they do not seem to compete with each other. Rather, they balance off of each other, offering something unique as two ways for you to decorate your porch.

Hanging Planters

At last, we've come to our third option: hanging planters. These are possibly the most underutilized of the porch planters since people seem to forget how easily they adapt to any location. All you need to make a hanging planter work is a place to hang it from. The roof of your porch is one example. Hanging planters are pretty easy to work with since they are relatively small and simple. Your best bet for selecting plants to go in them is to fully embrace and highlight their form and choose sweeping vines and plants that will overflow from the pot and hang beneath elegantly. Some of these could include Weeping Ivy, String of Pearls, or Trailing Jade. Much like the window box planters, these planters are very out-of-the-way. They take up little space and let you move around your porch freely. One benefit of these planters is that they can sit out further on your porch so that people can see them more easily as they pass by and enjoy the sight of lush green leaves.

Now you’ve gotten to take a look at some of the planters you can choose from when decorating your porch. You can keep it simple and have a tall planter full of flowers by the door and a hanging planter dripping with vines. Or you can go all out and include at least one of everything, making your front porch a dreamy, garden paradise. You might want to start with just one and see where you want to go from there, but for whatever you choose, H Potter will be here to assist you in making your vision come to life.

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