Fall Container Planting

Fall Container Planting

Planting Through The Fall

While the end of the summer season may seem to present the end of gardening for the year, the fall season will provide a number of different opportunities for the gardener. Container planting will quite obviously take a different form, as the gardener will likely not be able to replant flowers and plants from scratch. The sometimes harsh fall cold can kill growing plants, but this doesn’t mean your outdoor decor will have to suffer.

The Focal Point For Outdoor Decor

While H Potter’s garden planters are designed to create a perfect planting space for whatever you look to plant, tall garden planters should all serve as the perfect presentation point for your decor. These tall planters will place your decor closer to eye level and bring out the tall and flowing designs that you might choose to use for your planters. Use this versatile capability of the planter to create an ambiance in your fall decor that will set your home apart from all others.

A Different Type Of Outdoor Decor

When it comes to using your planter during the fall, the first thing to remember is that you might not be using the planter in the traditional sense of planting it like you would in the spring or early summer. The planter may simply serve as a pedestal to show off the different decor that you may choose to place within the planter, either as a vertical display or flowing over the sides of the planter.

You might not be using the planter in the traditional sense of planting it like you would in the spring or early summer.

Ornamental Ideas For Your Tall Planter

You might choose to use artificial flowers that can remain in the cold, among a number of other faux options for the colder months where growing plants is impossible. You might also choose to add a variety of different decorations, that can range anywhere from decorative pumpkins and gourds, to a glorious cornucopia type of design.

Short Term Planting Materials

However, you might also choose to use a number of real flowers during the earlier months of fall and potentially into the end of the season for seasonal holiday decorations. While the fall gardener realizes that the plants they have certainly won’t last as long, this also means that the gardener doesn’t have to worry about plants outgrowing their planting space or getting too large for their container. Fall planting is the perfect way to plant and plan for the immediate short-term, without worrying about some of the difficulties that come with long-term summertime planting.

Staying Creative With Plant Choice

Look for plants that don’t rely on delicate flowers to create the pop that you are looking for in your garden. These flowers likely will not survive any frost or several cold nights in a row, and so they are typically not the look to attempt to achieve in an outdoor planter as the days get colder. Also consider what might go along with the decor that you are already using for your fall decorations. This will require some creativity and some different techniques to make the space feel alive without the necessary help of our favorite flowers.

Consider what might go along with the decor that you are already using for your fall decorations

Laying Out Your Unique Design

Having a multiple planter landscape while doing this type of decorating helps to enhance the space exponentially. With multiple planters or types of planters, experiment with a monochromatic look in each planter, or a very slight differentiation in the colors of the plants you use. This single color presentation will add depth and serve as the backdrop for the smaller perhaps more colorful decor that is not a living plant.

Color Layering For Large Planters

On the other hand, you might choose to play with a number of different layered colors throughout the planter. While you might not be able to mimic the bright colors of summer, the fall will allow for a different set of complementary colors. Going for a darker look will often lead to success in the world of fall planting. These plants are typically not as reliant on consistent sunshine and will hide the effects of the cold for a longer time than delicate plants that will wilt after mere hours out in the cold.

Be Adventurous During The Fall

The fall might not seem like the best season to experiment with new plants and outdoor decor, however, it still serves as a good time to use the different artistic tools that the gardener possesses. Attempt to bring out the best in your garden with these different techniques and helpful tricks and techniques to make your garden and home space one of the best among your friends and neighbors.

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