Set of 2 metal garden planters in rustic copper finish. Sold as a set only this large and small planter

Design Inspirations for Tall Planters

An innumerable quantity of elements goes into your home decor and your vision for home design. It’s nearly impossible to limit the scope of your design inspiration to one or two different features, even if you have a central theme. Colors, lighting, angles, materials, and influences will come together across all of the media you use in your design to create the finished look.

This includes but is not limited to the color scheme and the painting of an environment, the lighting, the paintings, hangings, and other wall decor, the furniture, and even the smaller decorative fixtures you use in your design.

At H Potter we are proud to offer you a large quantity of unique decorative products of the highest quality which can lend you a hand in inspiring your home and garden with an additional layer of sophistication. In this article, we’d like to focus on some of the areas in your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces where you can put some of our  Tall Planters to work for you and come up with a truly unique design.

Get Outside

The first and most obvious area of your home that tall planters can make a splash is in your outdoor spaces, and they offer you so much more than just function. True, planters can house your finest grown specimens, but they can also do so with an uncommon dose of class and elegance.

Check out these interesting ways you can add some extra color and refinement to your outdoor spaces with some of the unique planters that you can find here at H Potter. As you will see shortly, even if you set up some of these options in the absence of plants, their mere presence will import regal tones of worldliness to your exterior design.

Adorn Entryways

The first area of your home that visitors will see, and the area of your home that will make the greatest first impression, are your home’s entryways and vestibules. Oftentimes a porch archway or a vestibule will have a grand effect on the overtones that your home will present to those who venture within.

Therefore, entryways provide you, as the homeowner, with a number of excellent opportunities to make a great first impression on your visitors. Not only will the rich warmth of our planters lend a classic air to your entryways, but you can pair with them plants and blooms that will offer a unique measure of intrigue to the setting.

Additionally, depending on the amount of light your home’s entryways receive in the summer months, you can get as creative as you wish with what plants to grow there. Many of our planters are made with richly colored fatigued and weather copper, which in their own right are beautiful. However, when you pair them with the brightness of vibrant blooms, the effect is simply divine.

Consider pairing one of our H Potter Tall Square Planters with a rustic copper finish with some summer marigolds to flank the doors to your home. Whether you go with bright, sunny Antigua marigolds or lustrous, dark Queen Sofia marigolds, the effect will be unbeatable. There is a blondeness, a xanthous quality to this planter that will mesh wonderfully with these flowers. Then again, this planter - or any of ours - would look absolutely beautiful with a billowing presentation of overflowing pansies or petunias throughout the summer months.

Hit the Deck

Not all homes have a deck, but if your home does, this is another great place to add one of our decorative planters for a little breath of class and distinction. Depending on the finish or the stain of your deck, as well as its ornamentation, the native copper, and oftentimes brasslike, hues of our planters will complement your deck immensely. This is the case not only for brown and golden stained decks but also for cedar decks or Brazilian Walnut that have been allowed to remain unstained so that the natural beauty of the wood shines through to the surface.

Again, these planters are stately in their own right and can be allowed to remain empty so that their bright luster can complement a setting, but there are many ways that some of these planters can be paired with plants to aggrandize a setting even further.

Consider pairing one of our tall planters with our antique copper or rustic copper finish with some staked tomatoes. The green and red of ripe tomatoes are jarringly beautiful even in a plastic pot, but when you pair the shine of a red ripe tomato with the copper sheen of one of our planters, the effect will be unforgettable.

Then again, you can also pair one of our outdoor planters with some of the flowers mentioned above, but the dignified tawny tones of many of our planters will also mesh naturally with colorful foliage like Coleus, or even with decorative grasses. In fact, some decorative grasses grow impressively tall, which will add not only visual stimulation but auditory pleasantry as well. The summer breeze through decorative grasses on your deck will provide not only a golden wave but also a gentle, relaxing whisper.

Interior Design

In addition to these designs that are specifically designed to appeal to those who are decorating their outdoor spaces, you can bring some of our tall planters indoors where they will be every ounce as appealing in the right setting.

As we have illustrated, there are no limits to the creativity you can exhibit with some of our indoor planters. Whether you take advantage of the compatibility with their metal hues with the prevalent colors in your indoor design or you set up one of our planters with a houseplant, you’ll be amazed at the opportunities our planters can provide.

Spruce up the Office

For those who have a home office, a pedestal with a planter and a well-chosen houseplant is a great combination for adding an element of professionalism and dignity. It is a common trope in home offices and is beloved for some of the reasons that we will offer below. Alternatively, you can dress up your office with aplanter instead of the previous combination.

Add a planter to your office and you will immediately experience an aesthetically pleasing boost to the setting. If your office has furniture that is richly and darkly stained, then you will simply be amazed at the ways in which our brilliant planters will complement the setting. Whether your office furniture is a beautiful, deep dark cherry or a light maple, there is a character to be found in our planters that will strongly complement the aesthetic.

Even with a minimalist aesthetic in your office, you can pair up one of our planters with the interior design and leave it empty to allow the negative space to influence the setting. Sometimes a little push from the inclusion of negative space is all that is needed to give a space an additional feeling of intrigue and individuality, and you can provide that for your interiors as well.

Accent Gathering Spaces

Your home office isn’t the only space that would benefit from the inclusion of an indoor planter or of a living plant arrangement. Your gathering spaces - your parlors, living rooms, family rooms and others like these - can be vastly improved by the inclusion of decor in the form of our planters. That is true whether or not you pair them with plants, but you can definitely experiment to see what appeals to you most directly.

As you can complement the setting of an office or a refined professional space with one of our tall planters, so can you cultivate a sense of complexity with these same planters in your living spaces. That could be said for them whether they were empty, as before, or completed with the addition of a select indoor plant.

For example, some people like to spice up their interior settings with an Anthurium, whose colors can easily be matched to the scheme of your indoor spaces. Others prefer the simulated movement of a plant like a Dracaena or Snake Plant. Others yet find that tough plants like Jade Plants or some species of Figs are not only convenient for their hardiness but appreciate their glossy green character.

There are a number of ways you could go by decorating your home with indoor plants, but there’s more that comes along with them than a boost to the visual appeal of your home. In addition, there are a number of benefits that plants can have for your indoor spaces. When matched up with the allure of some of our indoor planters, these tenets can seem almost too good to be true, but they aren’t - and you can realize them for your home.

The Benefits of Indoor Plants

If these design ideas appeal to you but you feel that you need a little more push to make the change and incorporate them into your setting, then consider some of the following benefits that indoor plants can have for your home and for your health.

The first is that, while you can create whatever spirit of design you desire with the addition of indoor plants, they can have a positive impact on your health as well. Plants not only make a place feel safer and more secure by muting harsh lines and filling negative space, but they also help to reduce noise levels as well as purifying the air by removing toxins and harmful VOCs, or volatile organic compounds.

Indoor plants can also help to regulate the temperature and humidity of an indoor space, keeping temps down when it is too hot and maintaining the balance of humidity in the air to benefit everyone.

Probably the most potent benefit of indoor plant arrangements is that they can make a space feel more inviting. There is also evidence to suggest that bringing plants indoors can promote mental wellness, uplift your mood and help to mitigate feelings of stress.

Therefore, accessorizing your home with one of our planters can provide your home with much more than a simple aesthetic makeover. It also gives you the opportunity to capitalize on some of the benefits that indoor plants - and plants in general - can have on your mentality and your feelings of holistic wellness.

Don’t Miss Our Other Categories

In addition to our many fine examples of tall planters, we offer an abundance of unique designs for your home and garden that you can use to put a one of a kind touch on all areas of your design.

While you’re seeking influence and design ideas for our planters, don’t forget to check out our other popular categories for terrariums, patio torches, garden trellises, and more. There’s no rush, and there’s no limit for your inspiration, so take some time to get familiar with our designs before you make a decision.

Quality Is at the Heart of What We Do

One more thing to note is that we place quality at the heart of everything we do. As you will start to notice as you become familiar with our catalog of unique offerings is that they are entirely unlike everything else you may have seen before.

Each and every one of our designs is unique and inspired. We have designed and produced all of our unique categories of accents for the home and garden from the highest quality materials possible. As you search through our website you will notice that many of them are handcrafted in rugged, attractive materials like stainless steel, copper, and even hand-blown glass. We believe in providing something unique and rare that easily can’t be replicated, and that’s precisely what we do.

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