Container Ideas For Gifts

Container Ideas For Gifts

Using Containers In Gifts

Gifting can be quite an enjoyable experience for some, and a struggle for others. However, we all know the difficulty that sometimes comes with having a creative gift and packaging to make the gift stand out. Gift baskets are often a favorite for a number of different reasons. First of all the gifter is able to use these gift baskets as a way to give a number of different small gifts in the larger gift. Secondly the presentation of the gift basket lends itself to creativity and the necessity of a thoughtful gift.

Gifting The Container

The container itself can often be used as a gift itself. Finding a container such as a small planter or another container that is useful to a home gardener or simply a flower lover will elevate the gift basket even further. If you choose to use a small planter as the container for a gift basket, this article will hopefully present you with a handful of different ideas that you might choose to use. However, this list is not exhaustive so be sure to stay creative and allow some space for thoughtful touches that the recipient might appreciate.

Gardener's Delight

This one seems a little straightforward as it makes sense to fill a gardening planter with planting materials and gifts. Look to fill this gift basket with some types of either flower or vegetable seeds to start, these seeds are the perfect gift to continue using and interacting with the gift long after its given.

Look to fill this gift basket with some types of either flower or vegetable seeds

Practical Additions

Next you might choose to add one or two small and basic gardening tools. Add something like a trowel or a small hand rake along with some gardening gloves or any other creative combination of garden necessities. These will make up the rest of the gift and give the gardener something to use in the garden when they are either using this pint-sized planter or planting the seeds that you have also gifted.

Holiday Themed

Perhaps this gift basket is meant to be holiday themed. Choose from so many different themes that might come up, whether this be Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, or any other holiday you might be celebrating. Make sure to have your color scheme for the gift basket properly coordinated, whether this is with the holiday, the party or any other reason. Consider decorating the basket itself with ribbon or any other host of decorating materials.

Make sure to have your color scheme for the gift basket properly coordinated

Keep The Theme

Once you have decorated the basket you can start filling the basket with the gifts that you are including. Again, these gifts should likely follow the theme from whatever holiday you are celebrating, for easter you might wish to include chocolate eggs or something similar to it, while for Halloween you might go for a spooky gift basket. Have fun selecting what different gifts go best with this idea.

Gifts For Every Season

Choosing the gifts that you pick based upon the season could be another fun idea to add to your gift basket. Each season may come with a different characteristic that you look to draw out through the use of the gift basket. For Fall consider gifting a warm drink or something that will go well with holiday season, for winter consider mittens. For spring and summer choose gifts that will accentuate the outdoors and the warmer spirit of the seasons.

Each season may come with a different characteristic that you can look to draw out

A Timely Gift

Creating your gift baskets based on the season in which you are gifting is a fun way to help the receiver of the gift use the gift quickly. These are a thoughtful gift for those people who enjoy the changing of the seasons and other things related to being outdoors.

Wrapping Up

Gift baskets are a fun way to play to the personality and tastes of the person who you are planning on giving a gift to. Consider using a small planter as a functional and long lasting gift that serves as the basket itself. Remember that whatever you choose to gift, make sure the giving is genuine and the thoughtfulness is present, they’ll appreciate it!

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