Brighten Your Home with Greenery and Tall Outdoor Planters

Brighten Your Home with Greenery and Tall Outdoor Planters

Never underestimate the power of tasteful placement of decor. The slightest changes in a setting’s scenery, decor, and ornamentation can produce an entirely different air. Consider how a beautifully arranged table is much more of a spectacle with a well-chosen, elegantly decorated centerpiece, or how a seasonal decoration lights up a room. The changes are profound.

You can produce powerful shifts in mood and spirit with the arrangement of living greenery in a space, whether indoors, outdoors, or in a vestibule. You simply need to choose the right greenery for the setting and pair it with a planter to accent its grace.

Our  tall outdoor planters are absolutely ideal for this and don’t let the name fool you. Our tall planters are perfect for indoor plantscaping as well. Whatever plants and flowers you want to incorporate into your home and garden spaces, our planters will serve as the ideal foundation to add class and distinction to your home!

Rugged Quality, Timeless Appeal

Don’t be fooled by imitators. Our tall outdoor planters are built to an unprecedented level of quality. Though our collection of tall planters for home decor and outdoor gardening presents a wide range of facades, the quality is impeccable, regardless of the model.

In any given model, you’re going to come across some of the following features:

●Completely handcrafted: Each and every one of our tall planters is entirely handmade to the highest standards of quality - just like everything here at H Potter!

●Lightweight construction: Our tall planters may be made to a high level of quality, and they might look like immovable fixtures, but they’re actually surprisingly lightweight. If you don’t like the way it looks in one place, just move it elsewhere!

●Crafted from rust-resistant stainless steel: We know that many of our customers will use our planters in the outdoors, which means we had to pay extra-special care to construction so they could withstand the elements.

●Convenient planting inserts: Our tall planters are not intended to be filled all the way up - that’s a waste of potting soil, anyway! They come with convenient planting inserts so you can save potting mix and use only what you need.

●Drainage holes: Our planters are also made with drainage holes so that they don’t become waterlogged. This protects the integrity of the planters and can regulate the moisture of the soil contained in them.

Opportunities for Decoration

In addition to the unapproachable level of quality that we build into our tall outdoor planters , we complete the picture with unforgettable designs and finishes. Many of our planters are completed with antique copper finishes; some are smooth and others are completed with hammered finishes. Whether you’re looking for a ribbed planter, a minimalist planter with a smooth finish, or an urn planter, we have something to match your tastes!

Benefits of Greenery

While our tall outdoor planters will serve as the foundation of your plantscaping, you’re presented with a unique opportunity to decorate your spaces with a variety of living cultivars, including some of the following:

●Herbs: You can grow many herbs both outdoors and indoors, throughout most if not all seasons of the year. Growing herbs like lavender, rosemary, basil, chives, oregano, sage, or thyme will add greenery to your spaces and give you the ability to add a dash of flavor to your home-cooked meals.

●Flowers: Many cultivars of popular flower species will flourish in our tall garden planters, and with them, you can add a splash of color to your outdoor spaces - make your home and garden really pop!

●Ornamentals: You can also grow a variety of ornamental plants in our tall planters, such as Ipomea or Coleus. Grow them on the patio or bring the planter indoors and grow plants that tolerate the shade, like Snake Plants or Anthurium!

Enjoying the recreation associated with the care of your own plans is also surprisingly beneficial. Not only is the process educational, but flowers and ornamental plants can add splashes of color to your outdoor spaces and even your indoor spaces if you choose the right variants.

Plants can also make a space feel safer and more inviting, and bringing plants indoors will help to regulate the humidity of your air, keeping it within a healthy range. They even remove VOCs from the air and can help to soften the volume of ambient noise!

Take a look through our collection of tall outdoor planters, along with our window flower boxes and hanging planters. All of them are handmade to the same standards of quality, made with premium materials, and decorated with a beautiful finish.

Give us a call at 208-640-4206 anytime you have any questions about our products or the care or maintenance of them. We love hearing from our esteemed customers and we’d be glad to help in any way that we can!

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