H Potter brand metal planter pots with basil cilantro herbs in kitchen set of 3 white containers

Benefits of Keeping an Indoor Herb Planter

We cannot say this with any more certainty, but everyone has something to gain from getting their own  indoor herb planter. Everyone. Herbs are so easy to grow and add a noticeable improvement to your life, even if you do not see them right away. If you are on the fence about it or feel like it is not right for you, then you may want to keep on reading. There are some very compelling reasons that just might make you pick up an herb pot and get started.

Keep Fresh Herbs Within Reach

When you grow your own herbs indoors, you give yourself the luxury of having a personal supply of fresh herbs. A wise choice would be growing the herbs that you use the most in your cooking. That way, you can have plenty of it in your home at all times. Whenever you are cooking, you can reach over and grab the freshly cut herb you grew and prepare your meals with the freshest seasonings possible. You may have found some brands of herbs you enjoy at the grocery store, but nothing will beat the ones you grew and trimmed for yourself. The difference in taste speaks for itself. Herbs tend to grow fairly quickly, so you can keep trimming the plants and putting away the excess for later. Growing your own spices can also save you a bit during your trips to the market. There is no need to settle for bottles or packages of "fresh" herbs when you can have the real thing.

Learn How to Grow Plants

Unfortunately, not every plant lover is born with a green thumb. Try as you might, plants just do not seem to survive under your care. We have to applaud the effort nonetheless and encourage you to hold onto your gardening supplies. H Potter is in absolute support of anyone learning how to grow plants, no matter the age. Even if you have not had the best of luck in the past with growing flowers and fruits, you can still find a way to foster plant life in your home. Starting small might be the first step. Before you can have your own vegetable home garden, you might want to get an indoor herb planter and take care of that long enough to pick up some skills and knowledge about growing plants. This could be the exact motivation and encouragement you needed to get back into gardening. It is always well worth the effort.

Teach Children About Nature and Plants

For those with children or grandchildren running around, having an indoor herb planter might be the perfect opportunity to teach them some valuable lessons. As simple as it is, watching plants grow up can do amazing things for a child's mind. Growing plants at home teaches them about where plants and food come from and makes them appreciate the natural life around them. That is especially meaningful for those living in areas with fewer signs of nature or those who grew up around farmland and want to pass along a little bit of that to the next generation. Getting them more involved in actually growing the herbs teaches responsibility, patience, and the importance of not giving up if things do not go the way you expect. There is much more to gain from growing your own herbs than a sprig of rosemary. And to think you got all of that just from a little indoor herb planter.

Have a Beautiful, Simple Decoration

Finally, we have to address the inherent beauty of herb planters. This point may not seem as noble as the one previously mentioned, but it holds true regardless. An indoor herb planter is a visually gratifying way of enjoying horticulture. When you practice indoor gardening, you bring the beauty of nature into your home, your living space where you rest and retire from the stresses of the world. You get to sit back and enjoy the space that you carved out for yourself exactly how you want it. Part of decorating your home is bringing in small details that round out the decor and make your home feel cozy and inviting. We are quite partial ourselves to indoor plants, so you can see why we have so many options for herb planters at H Potter. Not only do we have to appreciate natural life on its own, but we have to give special mention to the carefully crafted containers meant to dress them. Thriving plants in a beautiful planter make a winning combination.

A small, but impressive indoor herb garden is something we all could benefit from keeping. Whether your motivations are driven by the practical desires of self-reliance or the more sentimental desires of sharing precious moments with your children and grandchildren, no one can blame you for seeking out this simple hobby. An indoor herb planter is so helpful and innocuous, it’s tough trying to imagine a reason not to want one.

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