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Arbor Trellis Arch for Roses

Arbor Trellises for Roses

Arbors are a monumental addition to nearly any person’s garden. The sheer size makes a well-crafted and designed arbor a focal point of a garden, whether it’s serving as a gate, true centerpiece, or as a bench, among many other options limited only by the gardener’s creativity. However, it is likely that while you may have picked out an appealing trellis arch that fits your garden's needs, you will likely want to grow some sort of plant on the arbor if it sits in the greenery of your garden. But what plant fits the grandeur of an arbor, while having the size and creeping ability to not only reach the top of the screen but even the stately arches? Small plants such as violets and other tiny little flowers certainly won’t do the job, as these plants will barely reach the paneling or other such trellising structure that is a part of the arbor. There are a number of larger plants that can be grown on an arbor, including clematis and ivy, or even our family’s favorite blackberry bushes and grape vines. However, one of the most stately plants that you can use to highlight the grandeur and status of your garden arbor are climbing roses. This flowering plant is seemingly made for arbors in so many ways. The vines will climb up the arbor trellising while also climbing through the arch, as the blooms are large enough to provide color to the arbor, and the chance for delectable scents makes this the perfect focal point for the garden.

Trellis Arch will Support Roses

While there are many options for garden products that are cheaply made, or not quite strong enough to bear the weight of larger and heavier vines and branches, this doesn’t happen to be the case for a garden arbor. The pillars of a garden arbor are substantial enough to bear the load of both the arbor’s trellis arch and of most heavier plants and branches that might be found in the garden. Climbing roses, and other rose bushes for that matter, tend to be heavier than the majority of the basic plants that are found in the garden. The plant’s size and crawling characteristics makes it a beast to handle for smaller trellising and other unsuitable forms of support for a climbing rose. But, the legs and trellising of a garden arch make for the perfect support for a climbing rose, providing the plant with all of the things it needs to be properly supported throughout its entire growth process.

Climbing Roses Need Space to Climb

The larger canes of the rose bush will be able to grow along the legs of the arbor and will find a place to grow up the screen paneling, while the smaller vines can be trained to entwine themselves with the screen paneling. This stage is where the durability of the trellis will become key. Unlike many other plants that only live for one or only several years, it will take 3-5 years for a climbing rose bush to even reach full maturity and most of its size. After these initial several years, climbing roses have been seen to live for decades. During these coming years the rose will continue to climb up the arbor, eventually creating a quasi-canopy along the arch structure present in the arbor. This feature will create shade and will complete the desired look of growing a large crawling plant over an arbor. Having an arbor that can not only support this great weight, but can also last for the years that the rose bush will be around is crucial to the long term success of your garden and the ease of gardening on yourself (You won’t have to pull the dilapidated pieces of the arbor from the still standing rose). This complementing of durability and longevity is another factor that makes roses the perfect match for an arbor, as the two are able to match each other's strengths and grow together.

Rose Colors Pop against Charcoal Brown Arbor Finish

While arbors are not only capable of supporting the weight and crawling nature of climbing roses, they are also perfectly contrasted by the plants colors and blooms. Being made of either metal or wooden products, most arbors are constructed using earthy and full colors, becoming the perfect canvas for the bright colors of flowering plants. Climbing roses not only create fantastic green foliage that will blend well with the colors of your arbor, but will also produce brilliant colors through their blooming flowers. These colorful flowers are not only found in the same rose red color that is present in every presentation of roses and their optics. Instead climbing roses can be found in a kaleidoscope of different colors, ranging from white to cream, yellow, orange, pink, and traditional red hues. These colors all combine to take a stately arbor and turn it into a show-stopper, as the smattering of bright colors and the earthy tones take your garden and your incredible arbor to another level. Make sure to find the perfect color of roses to make the arbor pop, and take advantage of this color contrast that you won’t find in many other climbing plants to compliment your garden. Finally, use the unique smells of different roses to add another appeal to the senses through the garden, as this ability of the rose is one that is not shared with many other plants such as ivy that are popular for trellising.

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