An Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Garden Planters

An Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Garden Planters

Tall Outdoor Planters

Planter pots offer versatility and aesthetic appeal to any outdoor space. Choosing the right planter involves considerations of size, placement, and the types of plants to cultivate. Visually upgrade your outdoor landscaping quickly with the addition of tall planters displayed in multiples along a garden pathway or paired together at your home or garden entryway.

Height Considerations

The height of outdoor planters varies depending on the space and the plants you intend to grow. Generally, taller planters, ranging from 18 inches to 36 inches, offer ample space for plants to thrive. This size allows for various arrangements and can help you master the thrill, fill and spill method, layering plant colors and textures for a spectacular display. Consider H Potter planters which include custom planting inserts with drainage, so you only fill the insert with planting material.

Best Plants for Outdoor Planters

Selecting the ideal plants is crucial for a successful planter display. Taller planters provide an opportunity to grow an assortment of flora, including ornamental grasses, perennial flowers like salvia or daylilies. Consider the local climate and the amount of sunlight the location receives when choosing plant varieties.  Your grouping should have similar needs to thrive together.

Proper Filling for Tall Planters

For any size planter pot, it's essential to ensure proper drainage. To help facilitate drainage, place a layer of gravel or small rocks at the bottom of the planter insert to prevent waterlogging, which could damage plant roots. Follow this with a layer of landscaping fabric to prevent soil from seeping through the gravel.  Choosing plants with similar water needs is also an important factor.

Placement in Your Outdoor Landscaping

Positioning tall outdoor planters strategically can enhance the overall landscape. These sleek planters can serve as stunning front yard or backyard focal points when placed at front door entryways or on patios and decks. Consider grouping them in multiples or along pathways to create a visually appealing arrangement. 


Regular watering and occasional fertilization are key to keeping plants in tall outdoor planters healthy. As plants grow, ensure they are adequately pruned to maintain their shape and size.  During summer months remember to dead-head and feed your container plants.

Making a Statement

Incorporating tall planters into outdoor landscape design not only adds aesthetic appeal but also provides an excellent platform to grow a diverse range of plants, making a statement in any outdoor space. 

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