H Potter brand copper window boxes containers at front entryway of home with flowers and garden planters

Advice for Keeping a Beautiful Window Planter Box

A window planter box can be a great way to decorate the outside of your home so that it can be seen by anyone passing by. As beautiful as you may have made your backyard garden, its beauty is mainly for you to appreciate than anyone else. A window planter box dresses the front of your home with beautiful, healthy flowers and foliage, and does so without demanding too much maintenance. Of course, you will want to look after your flower boxes so that they can look their best on display, and that is where we can help. Your friends at H Potter would love to see your window box planter doing well just as much as you would, so let's keep your planter looking good.

Picking Out Your Window Planter Box

This is a good place to start, seeing as you will need a place to put your new plants once you bring them home. You want to find a window planter box that will look nice no matter what you put inside of it, so you will be able to easily swap out plants throughout the year. A subtle, neutral color will work with any type of home you have and any colors of plants you might place inside of it. Wood or metallic finishes look luxurious on their own and pair well with any type of personal style.

Maintaining Your Window Box

To make sure that your window planter box looks its best, you need to make sure that the plants inside of it are feeling their best. Keep your plants healthy with rich potting soil mixed into the top layer and occasional fertilizer. While that may seem fairly intuitive for a gardener, one thing you may forget is to carefully select the plants you choose. Consider the window placement and how much sunlight it will receive on a regular basis, then choose the plants that prefer that amount of sunlight. You really would not want to have a plant that loves partial shade and lots of water next to a plant that needs direct sunlight but infrequent waterings, so make them all comfortable together.

Decorating Ideas - A Flower Explosion

Although this idea works well no matter where you live, it is especially refreshing if you live in an area that does not have a great deal of plant life outside of planters. Give your neighborhood a breath of fresh air and a burst of vibrant colors with a fully colorful window box planter. Fill your planter with bright, full blooms that challenge the landscape and remind everyone lucky enough to be nearby, of just how wonderful natural life is. The bright flowers are great as decoration on their own but are made even better when you consider their surroundings.

Coordinate With Your Home

When choosing plants to go into your window planter box, you want to coordinate the design of it with the design of your home. Or, to be more precise, the outside of your home. You want your planter to act as a beautiful ornament to your home, so it makes sense that the two should look good together and not just on their own. For example, you could add some fun color to a neutral-colored facade with a brightly colored floral arrangement in your window box. You could also match the energy of a stone or brick house with toned-down plants that give off a more rustic feel like foliage and deeper colors.

Decorating With Vegetables

If you’re interested in growing an edible garden, you could look at ornamental vegetables for your planter. Ornamental vegetables tend to give you rich, deep colors like burgundy, purple, and dark green. Take a look at peacock kale, globe artichoke, rainbow chard, and various types of cabbage for inspiration. They are not only surprisingly gorgeous but feel new and fresh.

We’ve run down the list of things that you should keep in mind when setting up and maintaining your window planter box. From picking out your plants and their planter to figuring out the style that you would enjoy seeing, this should give you a better idea of what to do. Keeping a beautiful window planter does not have to be stressful in the least as long as you go into it with a good idea of what you want. Once the set-up is done, then you can enjoy a beautiful planter with little maintenance required. If you need any more advice or inspiration for decorating your window planters, you can find more information on our H Potter blog where we regularly discuss ideas for decorating the home and garden.

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