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Add a Little Greenery to Your Life with Window Planters

Decorating With Window Boxes

If you are pressed for space but love the enjoyment and relaxation of growing plants like flowers and herbs, you are not alone. Many people around the country live in urban settings where space comes at a premium and container gardens are more prevalent than actual gardens.

Cultivate Your Space

Yet there are some situations in which even container gardening is not practical, or you can’t bring plants inside because they need the sun to flourish. Not to worry, though, because if you love cultivating greenery and harmony, you can do so, even if your space is limited. With the help of one of our beautiful handcrafted window planters, you cultivate a little space right outside your window - literally!

Pick the Right Size

The first thing to do is to make sure you pick the right size. You have all of the flexibility you want, but for a proper aesthetic, you should pick a window box that is at least as long as the bottom of the window or a little bit wider than the window. If it is smaller, it might look a little bit off.

We also recommended a window box that is at least 4 inches wide, because anything narrower will look cramped and need constant water. Also, deeper is generally better, and we recommend a depth of somewhere about a quarter of the height of the window. The deeper the box is, the more room your plants will have to grow and the more soil there will be to help regulate moisture.

Match it to the Setting

After you settle on a size, you can pick a design that will match the aesthetic of your scenery. Luckily for you, a lot of our stainless steel and copper window planters are simply ideal for creating a sense of beauty and balance.

Whether you’re looking for the bright look up polished copper or the regal, stately appeal of rustic copper, one of our designs will do the trick. The thick iron frames that contain our window boxes will perfectly complement any of the exposed ironwork of your casement, railings, or fencing, and the copper will age beautifully under the influence of the elements.

Spice if up with Flavor

Some of the most popular plants to grow in window planters are herbs, and there is a delightful assortment of herbs that you can grow in our planters that will flourish with the right conditions.

Sun-loving plants like basil, mint, lemon balm, oregano, and parsley will thrive in window boxes, even when planted near each other. Chives will grow well as well, throughout most of the seasons, even if kept outdoors. You can even plant herbs like lavender and rosemary that, though they take more care and attention, will thrive when given it.

Growing herbs not only provides you with an outlet for creativity, but it also gives you the ability to add some fresh, homegrown flavor to all of your dishes. And, depending on what you grow, you’ll be able to enjoy it throughout the year!

Let Your Creativity Bloom

Herbs aren’t the only plants you can grow in a window box, though! You can grow ornamental plants and flowering plants in window boxes as well, and some plants will do amazingly well in them.

For movement and color, grow trailing creepers like ipomea or petunias in your winter box. These plants, which love sun and water, will flourish throughout the summer months and add rich bursts of color to your windows, really giving your home the ability to pop.

Other flowers like impatiens, geranium, and begonias will also flourish in window boxes, and during the summer months, these will also add a lot of color and curb appeal to your house. With a little home garden that you can craft from boxes and window box planters, there’s no telling what you can create. You're bordered only by creativity!

Don’t Forget Proper Care

Whether you grow herbs, flowers, or some other ornamental plants, you’ll need to provide the proper care for plants. Remember that a window box, even a deep one, will dry out quickly in dry weather. Larger plants also drink more, so be sure to check the planter at least once a day. How much water you will need to provide will vary by species, so be aware of that.

In addition, if your plants need full sun, your best bet is to hang the planter outside of a south-facing window. South-facing windows get sun through all hours of the day in our hemisphere, and sun-loving plants will appreciate this.

Also make sure, depending on the nutritional needs of the plants in your planter or flower box, that you fertilize them periodically. They will only be able to draw from the soil in the planter, so read up on the species you plan to grow so they don’t go hungry.

Whatever you plan to grow, you can make it a reality for your home with one of our beautiful planters. Take a look through our collection and see what speaks to you, and if you have any questions, give us a call at 208-640-4206.

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