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Accenting Your Home and Garden with a Rose Trellis

Roses are beautiful, classic plants that exhibit a lot of variety in color, size, growth patterns, and overall appearance and character. From vibrant, bright reds to glowing whites and even bold, inspiring yellows and deep purples, there is a rose cultivar out there to pique any interest or please any taste. Some growers love these plants so much that they actually dedicate their craft to producing big, beautiful roses!

Some growers, on the other hand, are turned off to roses because they believe roses are hard to care for, finicky, or particular. To some degree, that is true of any plant, but the truth is that once roses are established if you meet their needs in nutrition (they’re fairly hardy) and location they can actually be pretty hands-off. Once established, you can let them grow as they please or trim them to compliment your home’s exterior.

That brings us to the topic of climbing roses, which will need some additional support as they grow. For climbing cultivars, you’ll need a rose trellis and a little creative inspiration to devise a truly beautiful setup for your outdoor spaces! First, start with the plant.

Consider the Characteristics and Color of the Rose Cultivar

If you’re interested in growing climbing roses, keep in mind that here, as with other cultivars, the plants will exhibit a lot of variety. However, you need to start with care and location. Roses do well in full sun location, preferably in rich, fertile soil that drains well. Roses that are planted in areas that do not drain well will be susceptible to root rot, so be cognizant of that. They also don’t like tough, clayey soil.

If you put them in a sunny location and meet those needs, you can turn to the aesthetic nature of the plant to make an ideal match for your home and garden. The two things you need to account for are the foliage of the plant and the color of the blooms.

Consider the plants you will be planting nearby to the rose bush. Some roses have thick, bright foliage and others have dark leaves that are nearly black. Others are beautifully fringed or edged with a deep red color that almost borders on purple. Even when the roses are not in bloom, you can keep the color and arrangement of the plant’s leaves in mind to grace the other plants or decorative fixtures that you work into the setting.

It is the blooms, however, that will really enable you to transform the setting of your patio or garden. Capitalize on the color of your rose’s blossoms by gracing them with decorative or accent lights that come on by night. You can also work accents into locations that will play off of the color of the roses. Consider, for example, a companion plant with yellow blossoms if you grow purple roses; these two colors will play off of each other and make the other seem brighter.

Also, when you decorate the setting with outdoor furniture or decorative accents, think about utilizing the color of the roses. This color may help to set the theme of the patio or garden and it will really pop when the roses are in bloom.

Make the Most of the Rose Trellis You Choose

In addition to gracing the roses you choose to grow by way of companion plants, outdoor furniture, or decorative accents, you can also increase their visual allure with the use of a tastefully chosen rose trellis. Our beautiful garden trellises, available in a number of different sizes and designs, are the perfect complement to a beautiful rosebush, and a functional one as well!

Why use twine and bamboo when you can get a beautiful, wrought iron garden trellis that will last a lifetime and will present a regal backdrop for your roses at the same time that it supports them? With the help of one of our trellises, you will enable your roses to grow taller and reach for the light, which will allow the plants to become fuller and healthier without competing too heavily amongst themselves for light and nutrients.

Our trellises are also made to an uncommon degree of quality. Many of them are made of heavy wrought iron, crafted into original, memorable shapes and designs before being finished with a tough powder-coated finish. Not only sturdy, but they are also intended to last for many years, serving as reliable support for your climbing plants while also providing an unforgettable measure of aesthetic grace.

For those of you looking for a little inspiration for how to make the most of our decorative trellises with climbing plants (roses or otherwise) take a quick look through our product collection and see our customer-submitted photography. You can see how others are using our trellises to great effect, and if you have any questions at the end of it, we’re always here to help at 208-640-4206.

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