H Potter brand metal garden trellis screen with grid pattern outdoor landscape architectural structure

8 Stand-Out Metal Trellises to Fall in Love With

You may have seen some more practical, basic types of garden trellises meant to support your growing climbing plants, but it’s likely you have not seen many that stood out and transformed this functional, utilitarian item into art. A  metal trellis does not have to be limited by a grid pattern frame leaning against a wall. It can provide you with beauty all on its own before a single vine wraps around its form. Thankfully with trellises like these, you do not have to choose between style and substance. You can have it all with a stunning ornamental piece in your garden, which also serves a purpose. We’ve selected a handful of our most eye-catching trellises to get this message across to you. Keep in mind, this is only a handful.

Classic Gate

This classic style of a metal trellis screen is reminiscent of the wrought iron gates of bygone eras like the Victorian or Edwardian Age. This trellis demonstrates a balance of design concepts, featuring the symmetrical vertical bars bisected by a horizontal bar, as well as a more ornate, curved design along the top and corners. Even if you are not able to have an elegant gate at the front of your property, you can still have one decorating your yard.

Lotus Bud

Playing off of different angles, this lotus-inspired metal trellis is definitely a showpiece for anyone’s garden. Imagine vines of jasmine, clematis, and ivy all wrapping around this floral design. The lotus is widely regarded as a symbol of rebirth and self-development, representing humanity being able to blossom even from the dirtiest of waters. This is a beautiful reminder to have in your garden as you cultivate plant life all around you. It is quite the sight on its own and becomes even more special as you appreciate what it all means.

Stained Glass Window

For a Gothic-revival, you may want to look at this metal trellis screen inspired by stained glass windows. Let’s bring back the beauty of traditional art, but done in a modern way with this frame free of glass, but full of flourishing vines and flowers. A lover of classic styles and Renaissance-era art may enjoy such a frame full of plants adorning the garden. Keep a bit of the cathedral just within reach.

Chiming Bells

Those who are fans of wind chimes and other hanging ornaments will get a kick out of this one. The Steeple Bells trellis prominently displays three bells, each hanging securely from a chain, so any fears of losing them are gone. Its otherwise simple design with a grid pattern to the bottom will allow your plants to grow around it and act as a frame to this dangling element, making it truly the focal point.

Towering Obelisk

This upright figure serves as quite the structural figure of your garden. The curved corners of the top piece resemble the traditional curved rooftops of China, for those who appreciate east Asian architecture. That feature also sets this obelisk design apart from more common ones that stand true with very little to them. You are given much more flair and detail with this particular variation of obelisk.

Ring of Vines

This metal trellis is a standout among standouts. In lieu of a more common trellis which is very linear and rectangular, you can go in the completely opposite direction with this circular trellis. As the plants grow around it, this trellis stands with its frame full and its center fully open. You can have your own ring of vines and flowers growing in your yard. As simple as it appears at first, this trellis is decorated with finials all around the frame.

Ogee Screen

This screen trellis takes a straight-forward concept and executes it flawlessly. At a glance, it is easy to fall in love with the grid pattern with its lines almost, but not quite matching up along the sides, with the horizontal lines alternating left and right. As you continue to look up, you stop to admire the linear design shifting to a curving, ogee design at the top. This screen metal trellis is a great example of contrasting designs coming together in one.

Twin Scrolls

Two is better than one with this set of metal trellises. They make a great decoration for either side of a door so that plants greet you as you enter or exit the home. Placed on either end of the garden, or right by each other’s side, they undoubtedly make a great pair.

Each one of these designs is so different from the last but essentially serve the same function when all is said and done. Here at hpotter.com, we wanted to provide folks with beautiful, lasting garden trellises that made sure no one had to choose between form and function. With these options, the only choice you have to make is which one is your favorite.

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