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7 Decorative Elements to Bring Your Back Patio to Life!

Decorating your home will not only impress your house guests, but even impress you and your family on a daily basis! These features can make everyone feel remarkably comfortable, more relaxed, and at home.

As the summer approaches, you should start thinking about the decorations that you can add to your backyard patio specifically. Your back patio, no matter the size, can be an excellent place to gather your close friends and family or even provide a small haven for you to unwind.

However, with the wrong components and even improper care, the opposite might be acquired! That is why we have compiled a list of seven decorative elements that can really spice up your back patio to truly bring it to life!

1. Table and Chairs with Accentuating Pillows and Cushions
One of the first things that you should consider adding to your patio is a table and chair set. These will not only lend an aesthetically pleasing look to your back patio, but they will also provide a practical place for anyone and everyone to sit, eat, and be merry.

When choosing your table and chairs, however, make sure that they (along with their cushions and pillows) exemplify the look you’re going for, match your desired level of comfort, and are weather-resistant. They should also be able to fit on your patio, so be sure the measurements match up for where you want to put them.

2. Cozy and Peaceful Sofa
If you have the space along with your table and chairs, we recommend the addition of a cozy and soul-replenishing sofa. You’ll be able to take the comfort of relaxing on the living room sofa and add it to your serene backyard oasis.

You shouldn’t add an actual living room sofa to your patio, as it could really pose a problem with the elements and even wild critters, so be sure to choose a patio sofa that speaks to you, your patio’s requirements, and your own desires.

3. Romantic and Practical Citronella Torches

There is one major issue with enjoying the great outdoors, especially at night in the summertime: mosquitos. They can not only put a damper on a fun evening by biting everyone repetitively, but they can even transport diseases and make people ill! The best way to combat these irksome and potentially dangerous insects is with citronella torches.

Using these particular torches adds both an incomparable aesthetic and practical element to your patio. Torches provide cozy lighting to your space and even welcoming and warm decorative pieces. Meanwhile, citronella is a natural essential oil that masks the scent of human beings to mosquitoes, specifically carbon dioxide and lactic acid that they are hunting for.

When lighting citronella torches, which use citronella oil within common garden tiki torches, you are providing a unique and enticing aroma that shields you from the pesky bites of mosquitoes alongside charming lighting.

4. Tall and Short Planters
The most classic way to truly enliven your outdoor space is with the addition of stunning plants. This is because human beings naturally react positively to greenery and plants in general, as they can lower our stress levels, improve our moods, and give us an abundance of other surprising benefits.

On your back patio, we recommend adding not only tall planters filled with beautiful plants but also short planters. This is due to two main reasons. For one, different plants belong in different-sized planters. For example, a ficus could comfortably fit in the right-sized tall planter, while various herbs flourish in small planters.

The second reason is that the “stacked” look of tall and short planters will be unequivocally enamoring, providing your patio with depth and style.

As for location for these planters, we recommend on both sides of the entrance to your home, along the side of your patio, or really anywhere that looks the most pleasant to you!

5. Artistic Wall Trellis
When decorating your patio, be sure to not leave the outdoor walls of your home barren– they deserve some decorative TLC, too! You can safely and easily mount these to your walls to add extra elegance to your outdoor space.

Here at H Potter, we have a wide range of artistic and  decorative wall trellises to best compliment any patio or outdoor space. If you’re ever looking for some inspiration for a wall trellis, be sure to see our Wall Trellis Ideas page!

You have a couple of options with the way you use a wall trellis: leave it as-is or add some flowering vines to it. The latter choice will efficiently add some alluring greenery to your wall (and even cover up any unwanted markings from view!).

6. Quaint Window Boxes
If you happen to have windows that are onlooking your back patio, you can add window boxes to them! These window boxes are undeniably quaint and add an extra element of greenery and color to your window, home, and overall patio.

When selecting your window box, be sure to pay close attention to where it comes from and its quality. This is because, if you don’t heed these points and/or install them incorrectly, then you could cause potential water damage to your home’s exterior wall.

Fortunately, we have you (and your house) covered here at H Potter. We have high-quality and beautiful  window boxes to best fit you, your preferences, your home, and your plant desires.

7. Illuminating Candle Lanterns

Candles have long been known to cast unparalleled warm lighting in nearly any environment. So, why not take the alluring qualities of candles a step further on your patio and place them in candle lanterns?

Candle lanterns have unique designs that allow them to be either efficiently displayed on a flat surface, such as a table or side table, or even be hung from a wall or a ceiling. They provide a welcoming glow along with a decorative element that none other could compare.

Now that you are ready to properly equip your back patio with the best decorative pieces, be sure to browse our many offerings. We have nearly everything you need, from citronella torches to flower boxes. If you have any questions, give us a call today at 208-640-4206. We can’t wait to help you bring your outdoor and indoor spaces to life!

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