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5 Ideas for Decorating Your Window Sill Planter

For the plant lover with little lawn or garden space to spare, a  window sill planter is the way to go. Celebrate plantlife with vibrant leaves, flower petals, shrubs, and berries right by your window where they are easy to reach and care for at all hours. Set up the most beautiful arrangements you can think of and decorate any window of your home with plants that are easy to observe or swap out if you want. To help you figure out what to do with a window sill planter, we have listed here a few ways you can style your own, including the right style of planter to pair with each idea.

Focus on Foliage

The first option you have is to fill your window sill planter with rich, beautiful leaves. You can opt for a selection of beautiful green leaves in varying shades, shapes, and sizes to create depth and distinguish between your plants. You can also create an arrangement of some colorful leaves, using green as the base to allow the colors to stand out more. For your colorful leaves, consider caladiums for a softer, pink complement to the green, or canna and coleus for more vivid, fiery shades against a green backdrop. To match this leafy arrangement, we recommend a window sill planter like H Potter’s Flared Window Box that is a bit more detailed to play off of the simplicity of the leaves, creating an elegant look.

Pops of Color

Rather than focusing on leaves, you can make flowers the centerpiece of your window sill planter . For this style, you can either choose a bit of color, accented against a neutral base of leaves, or go all the way with bold, bright colors. Play with different color stories, like complementary colors of blue and orange or purple and yellow. Just try to make sure that the combinations you choose are plants that will survive with each other. Your planter should have plants that all require about the same amount of sunlight/shade or waterings. This should ensure that all of the flowers bloom and thrive all together. Balance out this colorful arrangement with a more toned-down color of planter, like the H Potter rustic copper windox box.

Overflowing Vines

It seems like the obvious choice for some folks is to grow upward with their plants. As beautiful as achieving height is in a planter, the opposite works just as well. Instead of going upward, sweep low with plants that hang over the edge of the window sill planter . This creates a lot of drama to your planter with plants that intentionally spill over and cascade gently from the edge of your window. Take a look at various types of ivy and mix them in with a bit of Creeping Jenny. Since the plants will spill over and largely conceal the planter, you won’t need or really want too much detail on your planter. Choose a simple planter without any parts getting in the way of your plants.

Follow the Pattern

If you find it challenging to choose from all the types of planter arrangements there are, you might be happiest just going for a classic style. This is where the expression “ thriller, filler, spiller” comes along. It is a phrase used to describe a classic design for a planter. One plant is the thriller and the tallest, which sits right at the center as the focal point. Then you have the filler plants which are much more small and are meant to fill out the planter on either side of the thriller. Then at last you have the spiller. The spiller sits on either end of the planter, spilling over the edge. This rhyme sets you up for success in creating this classic type of arrangement. The planter they occupy should be classic and simple in shape. Perhaps in a lighter color like copper for some fun.

Keep it Seasonal

Think about which season it is and play off of that. Of course, it is much easier to do that in the spring with soft colors and fresh florals, then again in the summer with vividly bright flowers and leaves. In the fall and winter, it might seem a bit tricky to figure out how to plant anything at all in your window. Look for evergreen plants and plenty of foliage. Flowering cabbages, pansies, and violas will provide more color even into the colder months. Know your plants and enjoy them by your window all year round. With these richly colored leaves and petals, you will want a richly colored planter as well.

We hope this list was helpful in finding a style that works for you or even helping inspire you to create a new idea altogether. If you do, we hope you’ll find just the right window sill planter for you from your friends at hpotter.com.

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