5 Best Places To Install Your Trellis

5 Best Places To Install Your Trellis

5 Best Places To Install Your Trellis

Adding a trellis to your garden is one of the best ways to maximize your growing space with its vertical features, while also adding style and pinch of ‘wow’ to your garden. But where should you put your trellis to take advantage of all this functional decor might have to offer to the space you want to apply your green thumb? There are so many different places a trellis might end up to make your garden pop, and a gardener should feel free to be as creative as they want with their space, but to help out here’s a list of some of the most classic, functional, and stylish places to put your trellis!

In the Garden

This one probably seems a little obvious, but hey, the trellis was made for the garden and we would be remiss to exclude the garden from among the best places to install your trellis. The trellis serves a two-fold purpose in the garden, adding a little flair that’s typically missing from the garden, while also being a great place for big and little plants to flourish during the spring and summer months.

Take the time to decide where you want to put the trellis in your backyard. The trellis might be the perfect filler for an empty spot in the garden, or even for a part of the garden that’s not so nice to look at. A perfect spot might simply be the place where you grow climbing plants, whether these are flowering plants like climbing roses or a simple climbing cucumber.

On the Wall

If you are looking for a way to quickly spice up any wall space, hanging your trellis using wall brackets is a quick and easy way to spruce up your outdoor space. A wall trellis will immediately add another dimension to the patio, shed, walkway, or any other spot around your house.

Wall trellises can come in a wide variety of designs and purposes. You might choose a more traditional lattice trellis that will be primarily designed to hold large climbing plants such as Ivy or Clematis. Or perhaps the trellis might be chosen primarily as a stand-alone to add a decorative piece of art to the wall that can double as a trellis during the warmer months. However you choose to use a wall trellis, make sure that your wall is sturdy enough to handle the added weight, and then have fun with all of the different possibilities.

In a Planter

Maybe you don’t have a large garden space, but you can still use a trellis to help your plants climb upwards and add to the dynamic of your smaller garden. A smaller trellis fits perfectly in the confines of a planter while still maintaining all of the things that make the trellis great for a larger garden. Though a planter itself can often serve as the focal point of the garden, adding a trellis gives the planter an added vertical capability it typically lacks.

Putting a trellis in a planter is the perfect way for city dwellers to maximize their space and continue the gardening they love even with the supposed limitations of their gardens. Check into H Potter’s new line of trellis planters, which combine the planter and the trellis into one unit for a beautiful smaller garden.

As a Fence in the Yard

Are you looking for a little more privacy in your backyard, but don't want a fence that is a complete eyesore to yourself and your neighbors? Trellising is the perfect way to solve both the problem of privacy and satisfy the desire for beauty around the home. Using trellising as fencing has quickly become one of the most fashionable ways to use trellising around the house, a hot new trend that should be here to stay. Taller trellises quickly create an attractive fence that will be filled with your favorite climbers, hedges, or flowering plants and bushes. If you are looking for a new fence, look no further than picking out an organic and elegant trellis fencing option.

Around the Deck or Patio

Finally, you may choose not to use the trellis in the garden; however, trellising can also work to enclose or beautify a deck or patio area. Gone are the days of a boring patio area that lacks the vibrant personality of the homeowner. Adding trellises around the deck or patio immediately remedies the problem of a bland entertaining space. Step out of your house into a striking set of trellises, making you feel as if you just entered a wild outdoor space from the comfort of your own home. Trellises around the deck also provide shade during the day for entertaining or relaxing while adding a sense of privacy to your home.

Hopefully, these brief suggestions have been helpful as you look to create your own gorgeous outdoor space with trellising. Remember that no one's garden looks the same, so be creative and allow your unique personality as a gardener to shine through.

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