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Tall Planters As Versatile Space Fillers

Tall Planters As Versatile Space Fillers

For many gardeners, the options of garden beds, planter boxes, and window boxes are commonplace. These different ways to enjoy magnificent blooming flowers and all other types of gardening greenery are certainly fantastic options for your home garden and the enjoyment of the outdoors. However, like every item in your gardening toolkit they have their own strengths and weaknesses, and the major weakness for these great places to garden is their lack of mobility and placement. While some of us gardeners may not find the lack of mobility to be a serious issue, what if you want to cultivate plants and flowers in a different place to either add an artistic touch to the side of the house, an entryway, or even an indoor space? To solve this problem you unfortunately will not be able to relocate your entire garden bed or move your window over so a window box is in the perfect spot, so we are going to just have to find another way to get around this gardening issue. Enter the tall planter, a versatile and mobile way to add depth, volume, and lush greenery to your outdoor and indoor spaces that need a little gardening love without the help of more common planters. Tall planters are an excellent way to fill an empty gap, their imposing height coupled with their planting versatility will allow the plants you choose, to be on full eye-level display no matter what space you have to fill.

Eye-Catching Visibility

One of the most pleasing aspects of a tall planter is its eye-catching ability. Rather than displaying plants at varying heights or at ground level, a tall planter has the advantage of its height to present the plants that are grown in it. This part of the planter will allow your visitors and yourself to view flowers and other greenery at ease, catching everyone’s eyes with a presentation that is simultaneously as bold as it is subtle. Visibility adds a level to tall planters that might not be present in other forms of greenery displays, bringing your green thumb to the forefront and showcasing the artistry that can be found throughout your home.

All Sizes Apply

With the added height and size of these tall garden planters, the gardener is able to display their plants whether they are big or small. Unlike many other containers that are specialized for plants that are either small or large, these tall planters are capable of holding anything from the smallest of flowers and crawling vines to the well sized shrubs and other sturdy vegetation. Every gardener knows the value of versatility and having a container that you may choose to fill with flowers one year and heavier plant material the next makes this design a must have for the gardener who prefers to vary the greenery they grow year to year. Look for different plants that might perfectly fit the space you look to fill, and remember the same limitations that might hold you back when using other containers might not apply!

Amplifying All Spaces

Vertical space is another area in which tall vertical planters are able to assist in amplifying a room, blank wall, or outdoor space. In smaller spaces, a  tall planter will create a vertical statement that will work well not only with the limited area, but can also amplify the perceived size of the location. Using these vertical pieces is a way to add grandeur to any spot throughout the home, whether inside or out. The amplifying nature of a tall planter is another facet that sets it apart from other plant containers.

Tall planters create a unique presentation style for different plants from small flowers to large shrubs. Taking advantage of the size and height of the planter is the perfect way to place all your hard work gardening in a location that is easy for the viewer to see and enjoy. Find the perfect spot for these planters and they will magnify the size and grandeur of any space, using their vertical power to present a sleek and impressive gardening experience.

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