H Potter brand small metal garden planter plant pot container with succulents indoor on table

Small Planters For Succulents

Succulents & Small Planters

While many gardeners spend their summer months outside in the seemingly endless expanse of their home gardens, the winter months or simply limited space can provide a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Turning the inside of your home into a garden that matches the one in your backyard is likely an impossible task, however, gardening in your home is not. Indoor gardening will unfortunately not allow us to grow large climbing plants, like roses or lilac bushes, however, the home gardener is able to grow those smaller plants, especially succulents, throughout the year.

Indoor Gardening will unfortunately not allow us to grow large climbing plants, like roses or lilac bushes

Here, There, & Everywhere

Succulents are the perfect indoor plants and there are a number of ways you can grow them in your home year-round. In previous articles we have talked about planting succulents in terrariums or other wardian cases throughout the home, but for those who want a different experience, there is an alternative. Small planters that can be placed in the windowsill, a countertop, or table are the perfect avenue for the gardener who wants a small planter that will complement their home. These small planters are perfect because of their size and ability to sit anywhere in the home while still showcasing the gardener's green thumb with a dash of greenery even when the ground outside is covered in snow.

Finding The Perfect Succulent

Succulents are the perfect plants for these little planters. Not only do succulents remain small in size, they are also extremely easy to care for. These plants will not need constant watering due to their surprisingly hardy characteristics. If you are the type of gardener who forgets to water plants, these are perfect for you (though they’re perfect for anyone regardless of this). Being both easy to manage and also appropriately sized a small planter located anywhere throughout the house.

Succulents are the perfect plants for these little planters.

All Different Shapes & Sizes

These plants come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Succulents include the common types of plants that we so often think of, as well as cacti and many others. Selecting a succulent for your home will likely be the first step you take in preparing to do some indoor gardening. Echeveria and cacti are the most popular in the world of succulents, providing the full body appearance of the plant with the soft and lush characteristics associated with succulents.

Color & Contrast

If you know what type of succulent you want to plant in your own mini garden, the next step is finding a vessel to plant them in. Like the succulents you are planting, these small planters also come in a number of different varieties, whether that be based on their size, color, or shape. Color and finish are an important quality in a small planter. The size alone of these planters does not make them the centerpiece of any decor, and a dull small planter will quickly be relegated to a place outside of eyesite. To remedy their size, these planters should have a color or quality that brings them immediately into the line of vision.

Complement Your Home

H Potter has been a noted standout in the world of color and finish, with the unique copper and brass colors that contrast so well with the greenery that is grown in them, especially as the metallic colors match well with the solid colors of a succulent. Finding other colors that complement the colors of your home will also be important, white or silver planters may stand out well in darker areas, aided by the succulent, they contrast and draw attention. At the end of the day, taking into account the colors and contrast of your home and gardening space are important to the aesthetic success of your indoor garden.

Size & Space

Finally choose the size of small planter that you want in your home. While indoor gardening does imply that these will be small planters, small is a relative term and should be looked at as such when you start gardening succulents inside. Smaller round planters are perfect for singular cactus plants, or for other small succulents, however more rectangular planters might become more desirable if you are looking to plant multiples. Having these options will allow you to showcase a number of different plants, as these different shapes and sizes will lend themselves to both compliment or contrast a plant.

Fill The Room

Filling the space will also become important as you look to find the right ‘small’ planter to place in your home. Having one that’s just a little too small might make the space look too big, while having a planter that is too big will just simply not function in the space that you are filling. Take the time to find the right small planter and plan out your indoor gardening and the combination of vibrant planters and brilliant succulents won’t disappoint!

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