Getting Started With Your Flower Garden

Getting Started With Your Flower Garden

Starting Your Flower Garden

Flower gardens are a favorite among gardeners as they provide outdoor spaces with a radiant display of color and the delightful scents of summer blooms. These types of gardens are often relatively straightforward, as they possess the same characteristics as most other gardens. However, when looking at starting a flower garden there are several factors to take into account as you start to prepare your backyard for this new addition!

Plan In Advance

Nothing will set you up for more flower gardening success then planning out your garden before you begin constructing the garden and planting your flowers. There are a number of different factors that you will want to take into account when you are beginning this stage of planning for your garden. One of the most helpful first steps might be doing a quick image search of different flower gardens. There are many different styles of flower gardens that have existed at different times in different places around the world, so make sure to take a look at all of these different options when you begin this planning.

Searching For Sun

Some of the other things to explore when you are planning out your garden will be to look at the amount of sun exposure that the chosen location will receive throughout the day. While most spots in the backyard will receive adequate sunlight for growing flowers, certain types of flowers will not thrive in the sun, while others will not thrive in the shade. You may also choose to determine the quality of the soil in your backyard, though you will likely add soil to the area you are planting in, you may need to add even more if you are planting in poor soil.

While most spots in the backyard will receive adequate sunlight for growing flowers, certain types of flowers will not thrive in the sun

Finding Space For The Flowers

The next factor to take into account is the amount of space that you will have available in your backyard. Every person’s outdoor space is different, and most of these unique spaces may require you to change the way in which you want to order your flower garden. For some, there will be a number of smaller spaces that might be perfect for a handful of small gardening spaces. For some others it might be necessary to place all of their flowers in a large singular plot. Take the time to plan out where you want to grow and what you can grow in these places to have the most success when you are planting your flower gardens.

Constructing The Flower Garden

Once you have planned out your flower garden you will want to start preparing the chosen area for planting and building any walls or container that you wish to add. For the best possible results in the flower garden, it will usually be worth it to add some extra soil to the area that you are planting in, as this will add some much needed nutrients. From this point you can begin preparing the containers and planting areas around your garden. You may choose to build raised beds to set your flowers in, so if you have decided to go down this route, you will need to build the containers and fill them with soil before adding the flowers you will grow during the spring and summer.

Container Planting

Some locations around the home may not necessarily be the most conducive to growing flowers in the ground. In these situations, container planting becomes a necessary solution to the issue. This solution may be necessary in urban settings as there is simply nowhere to grow, or the ground may not be hospitable enough to the presence of delicate flowers in the ground. Whatever your reason, look for some sleek and tall planters that will contrast with the natural brilliance of the flowers that you are growing.

Choosing Your Flowers

There are certainly a number of different factors you will want to consider when you begin planting your flower garden. Some of these have already been brought up, but you will certainly want to make sure that you allow them to influence how and what you plant. As a reminder make sure that you don’t plant shade lovers in full sun, or plant sun lovers in the shade. You will also certainly want to make sure that the flowers you have are planted in soil that will allow them to thrive. Planting certain delicate flowers in inhospitable soil will doom your garden before you have even begun planting.

There are certainly a number of different factors you will want to consider when you begin planting your flower garden

Seeds, Sprouts, Or Bulbs?

However, when choosing what flowers to plant there are still options concerning the nature of how you want to start. You may wish to start your flowers from seed, in this case you will likely want to start a little earlier in the growing season. Make sure that the ground won’t completely freeze, but allow for enough time for the seeds to germinate and begin to pop out of the ground during the spring. Another option is to buy starter plants that have already been planted and have sprouted, only waiting for the opportunity to be placed in the soil and to thrive. For these you won’t need quite as much time and can simply place these in your garden or container as soon as the threat of frost has been eliminated. And finally you may choose to plant bulbs for the summer season, if this is the case you will likely have to start much earlier than either option above. For a number of bulbs, they will need to be planted the fall before to allow them to be fully developed and ready to bloom in the spring or summer, however some others will need to be planted after the frost is gone for the optimal results.

We hope this article has been helpful as you prepare your flower gardens for the upcoming summer months. Flowers are one of the most vibrant displays of a gardener’s skill and passion for growing. Don’t be bashful in the flowers and designs you choose, be bold and stick to the basic tenets of flower gardening and your garden won’t fail to disappoint!

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