Creative Container Gardening

Creative Container Gardening

Container Gardening

Limited space, perhaps the biggest obstacle to most gardeners is the lack of space that exists in most gardening spaces. For so many gardeners this seems like an insurmountable issue, how do you create gardening space where none exists? The not so obvious answer is container planting. Using a planter or flower pot to create gardening space is the perfect solution whether you are dealing with the absence of space in an apartment, or even if you are simply looking to plant your flowers and other greenery outside of your garden and around the home. Let’s look at a few of the ways you can use a planter to create more gardening space around your home or garden space and some of the reasons you might choose to use a planting container.

Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is the perfect way to use a container either as a stand alone piece or to add height and depth to your gardening space. If you are looking to create a vertical effect consider two options, using either a tall planter or a trellis planter.

Tall Planters

A staple to the planting container game, tall planters are one of the easiest ways to immediately add to the aesthetic appeal of your garden. Choose a planter that matches the decor of your home or garden, or look for a classic design that will seamlessly match any type of decor from contemporary to rustic. Once you have chosen the planter that fits your home or garden, make sure the planter is secure in the location you have chosen. Most gardeners choose to fill the bottom of tall planters with rocks or another filler, to both keep the planter from tipping over and also to lessen the amount of dirt that is used in a large planter. Fill the planter with anything from simple greenery, vines, flowers, vegetables or in some cases small decorative trees.

Trellis Planters

Placing a trellis in a planter is one of the best ways to create a vertical effect while containing your garden in the limited space that you might have in an apartment or on the patio, deck, or balcony. Trellis planter boxes have both the planting abilities of a planter while still having the vertical support and backdrop of a trellis. These containers are primarily used for climbing plants that can grow up the trellis while still fitting in the container space that is often smaller than the space that might be present in a typical garden setting. Like the tall planter, these hybrid-planting receptacles are great for any kind of plants or flowers.

These planters are primarily used for climbing plants

Small Containers

For gardeners with an even more limited gardening space, small containers that fit in the windowsill can be a phenomenal option for smaller plants and greenery to add some life to these smaller spaces. One of the best features of the small container is how easy these little gardens are to take care of, oftentimes watering is limited to at most once per day, while the needed soil is minimal and some of the hardiest houseplants are small enough to fit in these small home spaces. Make sure to find a charming little container that matches your personality and the tiny garden that you are just starting, and remember as long as it has drainage holes, almost any small container can be a small garden planter!

Small containers that fit in the windowsill can be a phenomenal option


The final container for planting in a small space is the terrarium. A staple of the gardening industry for decades, these plant containers are a great way to make the most of your time and space. Put the terrarium in an area around your home that receives partial sunlight during the day and add a little water to your plants.

These plant containers are a great way to make the most of your time and space

The natural imitation of the water cycle within this enclosed system makes gardening in these containers a breeze and is perfect for the gardener who might travel for work or who forgets about watering and taking care of their plants. Make sure to do a little research or perhaps read some of our other blog posts about terrariums to gain a little knowledge on setting up these systems before letting them create a mini-oasis in your home.

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