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10 Tips for Decorating a Small Porch Just Right

Flipping through those home improvement magazines can be enlightening and even inspiring for amping up your home’s curb appeal. But, what if your porch is a bit tight and can’t quite fit all those porch-hanging beds, sofas, and countless large planters?

Not to worry – you can still perfectly decorate your home’s small front porch, too! With the right steps taken and the perfect elements added, you can spruce up your front porch, even if it is on the smaller side. Here are ten tips for decorating your quaint porch!

1.Wrap String Lights, Ropes, or Garland Around Posts
If your porch has some pillars, posts, or support beams, you can easily decorate these to create a more inviting area without taking up any extra space! You can wrap string lights, ropes, garland, ribbon, or any other decorative stringed object around them. These can be either year-round elements or they can be festive for a particular upcoming holiday!

2.Place a Wall Trellis with a Plant on Any Available Wall Space
Do you have a wall that is empty someplace on your porch? If so, that’s perfect because you can add a wall trellis there! A wall trellis is a simple yet enamoring way of bringing your outdoor space to life without requiring much space to do so.

You mount a gorgeous wall trellis to your outdoor wall and you have two options from here: either leave it as-is or you can add a climbing plant to it! Whichever you choose, you will be undeniably adding serious appeal to your porch.

3.Place Small Planters on Porch and Steps– and Make The Flowers Match
Integrating plant life into your outdoor space is always a great idea, as these can provide texture, an overall calming effect, and even a splash of color. This is precisely why we cannot recommend that you add planters to your porch and even your steps enough.

However, make sure that you are adding some color-popping flowers to your small planters to really enliven your space. We do recommend, though, that you ensure that your flowers and planters all match and that there are an even number of them. Why?

4.Symmetry Is Your Best Friend– Use It!
Symmetry is a key component for decorating nearly any room in your home or any space outside of it, but it is especially integral when you’re adding accents to your small porch. This is because streamlined symmetry can make your small front porch appear significantly larger (plus, it just looks great!).

That is why, when you are adding chairs or planters, for example, you should get them in even numbers and flank your porch (including its steps for the planters) with them.

5.Include a Small Outdoor Side Table or Two

Adding a small outdoor side table can also provide you with unique aesthetic and practical advantages. A small outdoor side table, especially when it’s weather-resistant, could be the perfect place to showcase various favorite decorative accessories or leave a place for packages, mail, and other items. It could even be the ideal coffee table!

When you have a small outdoor side table (or two!) on your porch, the addition can leave your space looking more lived in, cozy, and inviting for guests and residents alike. We say, if you have the space for an outdoor accent table, add it in!

6.Make Sure Patio Furniture Is Small As Well
If you have the space for furniture, we highly recommend you add some furnishings onto your porch– but ensure that these pieces aren’t too bulky. These could create an overcrowded or even gaudy look. Plus, they could take away from your precious space, which could serve a better purpose for something else!

Therefore, choose furniture pieces that are relatively small and have clean lines. You’ll be far more comfortable and acquire your desired aesthetic!

7.Add Pillows to Your Seating Arrangement
It’s all about the little things in life, right? Why not try tossing some small throw pillows onto your outdoor lounge furniture? These can really pull the entire look together seamlessly and add an extra layer of comfort.

8.Layer Rugs
We all know the function of a doormat, but you could really bring this classic porch piece from humdrum to heroic! You can take your doormat and place it on top of a larger, more colorful and on-scheme rug. This will provide depth and that highly-desired symmetry again!

9.Paint Your Door a Bright Color
One of the easiest ways to brighten up your small front porch without eating away at your sparse space is by painting your door a brand new color. But, not just any old bland and typical color– something that really jumps out! We are talking about bright reds, pinks, blues, and greens. Trust us: bright is good for small spaces.

10.Add a Wreath and/or a Door Sign– Homemade or Not
Who doesn’t love to be welcomed immediately upon entering someone else’s home? Whether you add a wreath or sign to your door or even a sign that’s propped up next to it, you’ll make all who enter your home feel truly at-home– residents and guests alike.

The simple addition of a colorful wreath can add an unequivocally alluring feature to not only your door but your entire porch. Wreaths don’t need to solely be used during the holiday season, as there are wreaths for all celebrations and occasions: autumn, winter, Easter, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day- you name it!

The same goes for door signs. These can be either placed on or next to your door after having been painted and decorated for any occasion or simply boast the salutation “Welcome!” to all.

An added advantage to this option is that you can either purchase these in your favorite store or cater to your creative side by making them yourself!

Just because you have a small porch doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it and make it your own unique and cozy place! When decorating it, be sure to consider all of our outdoor accents, including our small outdoor side tables. We have everything you need right here at H Potter. We can’t wait to help you make your house a home!

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